Spring 2005 Thames Trips

On June 21, 2005 a group of girls from London Life organized a kayak trip on the Thames and although it was raining when we started the girls were excited to get started and by the end of the trip there were some sunny breaks. We all had a great time on the water with lots of laughs.

Cecelia Hui Who Organized this Trip of London Life Kayakers


Getting Started



Cecelia and Friends


















The Group at Picture Rock

















All of us at the end af a Great Trip


May 05, 2005

Another great trip on the Thames and Jerry Offerland and myself had a beautiful morning paddle from Springbank dam to Killworth bridge and we saw all the usual wildlife and something that some recent trips included was a herd of deer, I think it was six. The water was a foot or so above summer levels making it quite fast and fun through the rapids.

We Get Practiced up Before the First Set of Rapids

Jerry Going Through The First Set


Relaxing After the First Set Near the Dam


Trees Just Starting to Bloom

Jerry with Storm Damage in the Background


Jerry Takes Flash for a Ride

Bob and the Canadian Geese


Gerry in More Rapids

Killworth Bridge in Background


Richmond Street to Gibbon's Park

May 15, 2005

Steve and Scott posted to our Yahoo Kayak group that they were meeting at the Richmond Street bridge at 12:45 on Sunday so when the time came six of us showed up and had a fun paddle from the bridge to Gibbon's park which took us about 2 hours with the rapid surfing stops and the camera stops. We captured many shots, some of which are shown below. It was real nice meeting our new friends Steve and Debbie, Dave and Brenda and Scott and I am sure that we will get together again real soon.

Scott Ready to go at the Meeting Place

Scott Carries His Short Kayay to the Launch


Flash Watches as Scott and Steve Launch

Brenda and Dave Approaching the Launch Area


Steve and Scott in the First Set of Rapids


Flash Watches Steve and Scott

Debbie Cruising Along


Scott Surfing and Wishing that His Honey, Sara Could be Here to Enjoy it Also


Looks Like Scott Enjoys This Water

Dave Slipping on By


Steve Splashing it Up


Brenda Finding Her Way

Brenda Dave and Flash


Debbie and Steve in Another Set


Debbie, Steve and Scott

Debbie, Dave and Brenda


Debbie Goes Through Some Great Rapids and Steve and Scott Watch


Scott and Steve watch Debbie Complete the Set

Brenda Zipping Thrpough the Set


Brenda Has a Great Run

Dave Also Has a Good Time


Dave Hitting Them Nicely

Dave is Through


Scott Playing in the Rapids


Scott Has So Much Fun

Scott and Steve


Scott with a Roll Sequence (1)









Scott is Back Up


Debbie and Brenda

Steve Takes Flash for a Run


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