Spring 2005 Pinery Provincial Park

May 26, 27 and 28, 2005

This past few days Thursday, Friday and Saturday we were at Port Franks and toured the Ausable where it runs through the Pinery Provincial park and it was really nice. Thursday we paddled from close to Grand Bend to our friend's cottage near Port Franks which was 7.2 miles and it took us 3 hours. Lots of good scenery and clean water and wildlife. Friday we had our friends Eric and Mary with us and we saw up close a large beaver that did not seam to be afraid of us and Maureen took many photos which I will post soon on my website. Saturday Maureen and I went back to an area on the river where we saw a large Bald Eagle on Thursday and this time we were prepared with our camera and we were able to get some shots but did not get as close as we did on Thursday when we did not have the camera. We will be trying to capture that Eagle again next time we visit Port Franks and it is spectacular and stands about three feet tall.

Mary McBurney and the Pups - Tess and Flash



Eric Walne Sliding off His Dock


Opps, Eric Got Wet




Bob with Flash Chasing the Beaver


A Beaver at Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

Bob and Flash


Beaver Swimming Close

Beaver Eating Lily Pads


Beaver Wondering What we are Doing

Bob, Flash and Beaver


Flash Wondering What it is


That's Beaver Tail


Red Reflection from Kayak

Bob, Flash and Lily Pads


Mary and Tess

Eric Captures Baby Turtle


Maureen and Mary Heading Home

Maureen, Eric and Mary Over Beaver Dam


Mary, Maureen and Eric at a Beaver Dam


Tom Rate - Port Franks

Tom and Bob


Tom Rate

Maureen Reflections on the Ausable


Baltimore Oriole Enjoys the Sun

Maureen Reflections


Maureen Reflections


Pinery Provincial Park Turtles

Lone Turtle


Aren't They Cute

Me Too


Maureen, Flash and Turtles

Lily Pads with Flowers


Hey Gang


Maureen Coming Under the Road


Maureen and Flash Reflections


A Happy Family we Met near the Pinery

Maureen and Flash Reflections


Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle in Flight

Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle




Maureen in Kayak back at the Jet Ski

Maureen back at the Jet Ski


We Towed Flash and the Kayaks to Pinery Access

Rainbow on the Way Home



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