March 28, 2004

Through Our Kayak London Canada Yahoo Group, We All Set a Date and it Turned Out to be

A Great Fast Water Day. We made it From SpringBank Dam to Delaware Park 12 Miles in Just Two Hours with a

Maximum Speed of 15 MPH and an Average Speed of 6 MPH. Many of the normally Best Rapids were Washed

out by the High Water but the Spped was Fun.

SpringBank Dam - Take-off

Louise Coolin - Our Driver

Annie & Fred MacLachlan


Mike Coolin

Mike Kovach

Bob Grant


Mike Kovach Waits for Us

Bob Almost Ready

Bob & Fred Start

The Above Are Shots From a Video Camera and Below From A Canon G-2 Digital Still Camera

Fred MacLachlan - Mike Coolin - Bob Grant


Mike Kovach & Fred MacLachlan

Fred MacLachlan


Mike - Fred - Bob


Mike Coolin

Mike Kovach - Resting


Fred MacLachlan

Mike Coolin



Mike Kovach

Fred MacLachlan


Mike & Mike

Mike Coolin


Mike - Mike - Fred

Mike - Mike - Fred


Mike Kovach - Demonstrates a Role

Great !!


Mike Kovach - Coming up Wet


Fred MacLachlan - London & Mike Coolin - Brantford Area


Our Destination at Delaware Park



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