September 18, 2009 along with our friends Eric Walne and Mary McBurney we took a trip north to Nine Mile Lake where Eric had spent many good times as a youngster fifty years ago. Eric would guide us through some seldom travelled waters off of Nine Mile Lake which is north of Gravenhurst , Ontario, Canada. Our photos show some of the great fun that we had.

Maureen Grant Enjoys the Great Scenery


Eric and Mary



Maureen Goes Over One of the Beaver Dams


Maureen Catches a Frog for Display

Maureen Photos Eric and Mary


Bob and Flash go Over a Beaver Dam

Maureen and Eric Portage 300 Feet


Flash Hangs on Over the Beaver Dam


Flash and Maureen Getting into the Next Lake

Eric and Mary Get Their Canoe into the Next Lake


Eric and Mary Look Like They Took a Tumble


Bob at Another Lake

Bob Paddling


Mary and Eric and Tess Having a Blast


Maureen Doesn't Mind Getting Muddy Catching Frogs

Brave Eric Stands Up in His Canoe While Paddling


Flash Guides the Way

Maureen, Eric and Mary


Maureen a Little Dirty

Maureen Just Loves This Adventure


The Girls in That Wreck



Flash our Dachshund with Life Preserver


Maureen and Bob in the Wreck



Maureen and Flash



Maureen's Photography


Eric Builds a Inuksuit


Bob's Inuksuit

Heading Back


Mary, Eric and Maureen

Mary, Eric and Bob


Mary and Eric

Mary, Tess and Eric


Eric and Mary Hoist Their Canoe up a Beaver Dam


Bob in the Slop

Maureen and Bob - A Dirty Pair


A Nice Waterfall





Maureen and Flash Relaxing

Flash is Sleepy


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