November 9th was another great day on the Thames River and we took a trip from the dam to Kilworth. The water level was more than 2 feet above summer levels and it was moving fast making for some great rapids.

Liam Nediger and Amanda Walke Paddle The Mighty Thames


Autumn Colours are Still With Us


No Splashing Now - The Water is Pretty Cold




Heading to the Cliffs


Liam Removed His Hat as the Temperature was 40 Degrees F.


Almost To Kilworth




October 7 th was another great day on the Thames River and we took a trip from the dam to Kilworth.

Christi Gervais at Picture Rock


We are watching Christi Doing Well

Christi and Flash




Christi and Flash


June 28th on the Thames and we went the whole rout to Delaware and it was a great ride with Sharlene and Mary-Anne. The water level was about 18 inches higher than summer levels due to a good rain on Thursday night so the trip was a blast.

Bob Grant, Sharlene Hesselink and Mary-Anne Hesselink


Sharlene Hesselink

Mary-Anne and Sharlene with Flash


The Girls at Picture Rock and the Water is About 18 Inches Higher Than Summer


Mary-Anne and Sharlene

Flash Takes a Ride with Mary-Anne


A Lunch Break and Flash Swims


Sharlene and Flash





Sharlene Starting the Rapids at Kilworth



Sharlene in the Rapids at Kilworth


Sharlene in the Rapids at Kilworth


Flash Rides with Sharlene and Mary-Anne Follows



Mary-Anne a Great Ride


Mary-Anne Riding the Waves at Kilworth


Flash with Sharlene and Mary-Anne


April 29, 2008 - Springbank Dam to Komoka Bridge

The water was moving quite nicely and was about a foot above summer levels when we took Maureen's friend Suzanne for her first trip on the Thames and Suzanne was thrilled with the experience. With the water being a bit high the rapids were really nice at the Kilworth Bridge and Suzanne and I went through an extra two times as Maureen took some great photos. As we were approaching the Kilworth Bridge there was a med vac helicopter circling over our heads and it soon landed on the bridge at Killworth as there was a bad vehicle accident just before we arrived and people needed to be transported to the hospital quickly. After we went through the rapids we continued on to Komoka Bridge where we landed and tied our kayaks to the van. It was a wonderful day of kayaking.

Suzanne and Flash


Maureen, Flash and Suzanne





A Lunch Break Near Picture Rock







Maureen and Suzanne






Suzanne Hits a Rock





A Canoeist Watches the Helicopter





Maureen Has a Good Run Through The Rapids


Flash Waits For Us At The Rapids


Maureen Says "Hit Those Rapids Suzanne"

And Here We Go


Suzanne Gets The Big Ones


Power Paddler


We Can Almost See Suzanne


Suzanne Survives With A Big Smile





Wow She is Digging In


The Three of Us At The End of Our Trip


March 26, 2008 - Springbank Dam to Kilworth Bridge

The water was moving quite quickly and was above summer levels a little more than two feet so Picture Rock was not even showing. With the fast water our trip was one hour and twenty minutes and a beautiful day at 40 degrees F.

Dan Egan - London, Canada


Dan and Bob Heading Out


Dan Egan


Bob and Dan


Dan Egan

Bob and Dan Getting Started


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