Spring 2005 Elora Gorge

April 17, 2005

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You all Should Have Been There. What a beautiful place to kayak and
Mike Kovach, Steve Booth, Maureen Grant and myself, Bob Grant took the
trip. Steve was our guide as he had been there on several occasions
before and Sunday Steve showed us a spectacular place to kayak and get
into some great white-water. We arrived at launch in the town of Elora
at about 1:30 and the cloudy sky opened up and gave us almost two
hours of sunshine. We eagerly set up our equipment and got onto the
water just below the Elora mill. The scenery is truly wonderful with
high rock walls ( some 200 feet high) and very vertical. The water
level was likely about 2 feet above summer levers making for some fast
water and no spots needing a portage. Maureen and I did portage two
spots that looked a little wild for our experience levels and we set
up our camera gear and took shots of Steve and Mike ripping through
the rapids and we did get some spectacular shots. Our trip time was
almost three hours with our camera stops and watching Steve and Mike
play in the rapids. Elora Gorge is a great place to kayak and we will
be back there real soon.


Bob Grant Heading Toward Launch

Mike Kovach and Steve Booth Near Launch


Bob & Maureen Grant at waterfalls

Steve, Maureen and Mike Ready to Go


Steve, Maureen, Bob and Flash Wonder Wiener

Flash Watches as the Gang gets in Close


Elora Hydro Electric Plant

Waterfall Next to Hydro Plant



A View From the Start


The Falls

High Rocks


Flash Still Watching

Getting Close


"Wild Thing" Mike Kovach


Magnificent View

A Great Day


Bob and Flash

Steve and Mike


Oops, Steve Goes for a Tumble

Mike to the Rescue


Lots of Rapids

Mike Assists Steve


Steve is Tired Out

Let's Get Re-organized


Steve Ripping Through Some Great Rapids


Flash Eagerly Watches

Mike Churning Through the Rapids


Mike on Edge

Bob Takes Photos While Flash chases Stones


Steve More Rapids

Mike and Steve Make Plans


Looks Like Mike is Diving Under Steve's Kayak


Mike Working It

Steve Having a Good Time


Mike More Wild Stuff

Wow, Steve is in Some Big Ones


Look at Steve Go


Bob with Flash Covered in Water

"Flash" Oh Man, I Got Wet on That One


Steve Going Fast

Bob Crashig Through the Waves


Mike Heading for a Big One

Mike, Maureen and Steve at the Waterfalls


A Little Wet Eh

Mike's Flying





Mike Kovach Highly Experienced Paddler





Mike Taking a Break Before Doing it Again and Steve Paddles On


Maureen and Bob and Flash Enjoy the Scenery

More Great Rapids for Mike


Mike is in Full Control


Mike Never Misses a Beat

Amazing Stuff


Maureen with a New Digital Camera







Steve and Mike


Steve and Mike



Mike Gets Airborne



Steve Carving





Steve and Bob

THe End of a Great Trip on the Elora Gorge




Check out our 2005 Slide Movie - Click Here - 8 Megs

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