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UWO Summer Classes

Summer, 2004 - Page - 8

 Adventures on The Thames





Starting Out at Springbank Dam - London, Ontario

While attending summer school classes at UWO in London, Ontario, Canada many students took advantage of our Thames River Adventures and the photos (114) of our fun times together follow.

We had many great evenings together enjoying the scenery and wildlife. For the first time we saw seven deer along the way and I am sure there were many more that we did not see. We also saw two racoons swimming close to the shore and that is a first for me. The many Blue Herons, hawks, osprey and Kingfishers kept us entertained. Most of the trips were taken after class but we did one morning trip and it was wonderful also. Of the many trips we took out in the two months of classes only one was a rainy evening and it actually poured for a few minutes but Peter, Marylyn and Susan were most enthusiastic and even continued to our three hour destination.

Mike Kovach - Trip Guide

Bob Grant - Trip Guide





Melissa and Mark



Dorothee, Melissa and Lowell

Liesha - Suzanne - Julie


  Suzanne with Flash on Deck 



Liesha with Flash

Suzanne - Julie - Liesha


Dorothee Cruising


Mark - Melissa - Dorothee - Mike Kovach - Lowell


Liesha with Blue Herons Overhead

Suzanne & Julie Splashing Through the Rapids


Mark - Melissa - Lowell - Dorothee


Mark - Melissa - Lowell


Suzanne and Liesha Zipping Through the First set of Rapids Near Launch


Bob Grant and Liesha at End of Trip

Patti and Stacey at Launch Site


Suzanne - Julie - Liesha at Picture Rock



Stacey and Patti  - Picture Rock


We Saw Six Deer and this Fawn During our Trips



Stacey with Flash

Stacey with Flash and Patti in Background


Stacy and Patti

Patti with Flash


Ann with Flash Onboard


Ann and Fred - Picture Rock

Ann and Fred - Reflections




Fred and Ann with Pretty Weeds in Background

Fred and Ann


Ann and Fred


Fred - Ann - Bob End of Trip

Liz - Patti - Donna  - Bob


 Patti -  Donna - Liz


Donna with Flash

Donna and Patti at the Dam - Launch Point


Flash Watches Patti, Donna and Liz

Patti, Donna and Liz at Picture Rock


Liz Patti and Flash


Donna Having a Great Time

Melissa and Mark


Patti - Liz and Donna Leading the Way


Liz Reflections

Patti - Donna - Liz with Flash


Patti with Flash


Ethan with Flash on the Deck


 Ethan - Jane - James Near Launch

Eleven Year Old Ethan with Flash on the Deck


Ethan a Great Paddler


Jane - Reflections

Maureen Grant Tour Guide and Retrieval Driver


 James - Ethan - Jane - Picture Rock


Ethan -  James




Blue Heron Ready to Fly


Blue Heron - Fly By

Struting his Stuff

Very sorry but we had a camera malfunction while shooting Robert Gattrell and Karen McCleave's trip

and these photos are from our Video camera so they are not very sharp.





Robert and Karen - A Morning Trip


Robert and Karen



Robert end of Trip



Overhead Video Shots From the Bridge at Kilworth

Peter, Susan and Marilyn


Peter, Susan and Marilyn Going for the Three Hour Trip

Going Through the Rapids Past Kilworth


A Scene from the Bridge




Bob - Peter - Susan - Marilyn at Two Hour Point


Marilyn - Peter and Susan

Susan Taking Shelter under the Oxford Street Bridge


Marilyn - Peter and Susan - Reflections


Susan Happy Paddling in the Rain

Susan Going Fot It.


Peter at Picture Rock



Marilyn and Peter


Marilyn at Picture Rock


Peter with Flash

Susan and Marilyn


Marilyn having a Great Time



Peter Navigating the Rocks


Marilyn and Flash



Dorothee Braves the Rapids Before Kilworth Bridge





Marilyn - Susan - Peter - Bob - End of Three Hour Trip


Mark and Melissa

Flash Eager to go Again


Jude and Bob Starting at the Dam in Springbank Park



Jude - Bob and Flash

Jude at Picture Rock



Jude - Picture Rock


Jude and Flash


Julie - Bob Grant - Suzanne - Liesha - End of Two Hour Trip

Flash in the Foreground - I think he is Barking for someone to Throw a Stick for Him




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