2002 KAYAK - Photos - Page - 2

Julia Hilhorst's - First Time Out With Her New AquaFusion Breeze

For ACTION Shots of Julia's First Time Out - Click the Photo Above


Maureen in Rapids at Killworth Bridge - Thames

Bob Splashing Through Rapids at Killworth


Bob's Glad to have the Skirt - Killworth

Maureen Conquering the Rapids - Killworth


10 Year Old Seth Shuster on a Six Mile Run

Seth is Loving The Thames River Scenery


Eric Paddling From Grand Bend to Port Franks

Barb & Maureen - The Grand Bend Trip


Bob & Flash Near Eric & Barb's Cottage

Eric & Flash & Barb & Maureen


Bob Cruising with Flash From Grand Bend to Port Franks - Canada


Bob & Flash - Grand River near Lansing

Bob & Maureen near State University - Lansing Mi


Maureen at Bridge in Lansing

Bob Checking out the Turtle near Lansing


Maureen & Flash Lansing

Maureen 7 Flash - Another Stump


Lansing Trip

Maureen Lansing Stump


Maureen on The Thames Near Hwy. 73 London, Canada


Reflections Near East Lansing - Grand River



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