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Kayak Trips 2013

Carrie Sinosic Heading Into the Rapids at Kilworth


 Brian Sinosic Coming In




Brian All But Sinks it in The Waves


Carrie Getting Some Lift


Brian at Kilworth



Carrie Starting the Rapids at Kilworth


Carrie Buries the Nose


 Carrie Comes Back Up


Photo Op



Carrie Digging In


Brian Starting Into the Kilworth Waves


Carrie Splashing Through


Ending at Komoka Bridge

Brian Drags The Kayaks Out


Wow, That Was Fun


The Skydog Report

July 8, 2013 with Sharon and Peter and we went to Komoka bridge on a beautiful day. Check out the video.


Sharon Jobson - London, Canada


Peter and Sharon


 Peter and Bob




 Peter Jobson


 Peter and Sharon


 Bob Grant


Sharon Ahead Going Through Rapids at Kilworth


We Stopped at Kilworth Bridge and Then Continued to Komoka Bridge


Sharon Pulling the kayaks Out at Komoka Bridge


The Skydog Report

Friday June 14, Maureen and our friend Suzie and I took a trip from the Dam in Springbank park to the Komoka bridge. What a beautiful day with a blue sky full of cumulous clouds and 65 degrees F. Suzie saw a fawn and mother deer and we all saw the Blue Herons and turtles and lots of small birds. The water was three feet above summer levels so It was very fast and the rapids were very good. we had a splashing good time. We also took Flash our 14 year old Dachshund and he was very excited. I used my Gopro camera so will have video soon and lots of photos from our Canon S-3-I.


 The Video Here--

Photos Below

 Flash Takes a Ride with The Girls in Background


Suzie and Maureen



 Suzie and Maureen Behind and Flash in Front


 Hawk Being Chased


 Maureen and Suzie Behind


Maureen and Suzie


Blue Heron Takes Off

Flash, Suzie and Maureen


Maureen and Suzie


 Maureen Splashing Through the Rapids at Kilworth


The Skydog Report

Tuesday June 11, we took our first trip of 2013 with Darryl and Jessica and e had a blast. The water level was about one foot above summer levels so the water was moving fast. We launched at 6:45 pm and took it to Kilworth where Darryl and Jessica went through the best rapids on the river four times as I took photos. It was getting late and the sun was going down so some photos are a bit blurry.

Photos Below

Jessica and Darryl

























Jessica Going Through the Rapids at Kilworth




















Darryl in the Rapids




























 That Was Fun



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