Wayne and Sandy Bergman and Friends Fly The World

Photos by Wayne Bergman (East Coast Videos)


Wayne Bergman Sleeping Bear Dunes - Michigan


Wayne Lovin It


Wayne Cruising Greenpoint


Wayne Shoots Some Great Action


Keith Riemersma - Greenpoint, Michigan


Keith Riemersma - Greenpoint, Michigan - Wow, What a Beautiful Day


We Have So Much Fun In Michigan


Now Let's Go Travelling

Amazing Scenery in Dolomiten Mountains - Italy


Sandy Bergman Enjoying the Scenery in Villach, Austria


Amazing Scenery Over The Mountains in Italy


Wayne Bergman Ready for Take-off in Italy


Sandy Bergman Getting Ready


Matt ? and Sandy - 3 ?


Sandy Flies in Austria


Sandy's Lovin It


Who Is That Over The Alps


Wheelchair Paraglider - British Columbia, Canada


This Fellow Does Wonderfully Well

Unbelievable Scenery - Austria



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