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New York August 6, and 7, 2010

We drove to Hammondsport on Thursday evening arriving at 1 am Friday while Patrick, Gilles and Eugene were there on Tuesday and have some sledders except for Eugene who flew Gilles ne U-2 for 40 minutes at Dansville. The wind forecast showed WNW so we headed to Harris Hill and arrived by 2 pm and Ed Jowett was setting up so we hurried and got ready. Ed took off first and skied out so I was next and I got good lift up to 3,555 feet and I endured for four hours and 32 minutes watching many others take off and land. The wind shifted from the north for a half hour but straightened out again so all was well in the air. Patrick, Gilles and Eugene had good flights too. Saturday we went to Bristol after a hike at Grimes Glen and when we arrived at Bristol Katrin and Karl were just about to head up to the launch so we followed and when we got to the parking area Karl and a friend offered to carry my glider into launch and I appreciate that so much. I would have had a hard time doing it with Maureen helping. The wind was cycling in and often from the left 2o degrees but Brian took off first and showed us that it was soarable so I got into the air with a bunch of paraglider pilots and Eugene and later Giles and Patrick joined us. I got up to 1,600 feet ato and stayed up for one hour and 13 minutes. Another good day. Checked out Dansville on Sunday and decided to head on home.





Doug Stoner

Doug Stoner


Pat, Poly and Karl Watch a Take-Off


Jorge Obando




Karl Fanghanel



How Does It Look


Katrin Launching


Josh Sonkiss



Karl Link



Karl Link

Karl Link



Karl Link


Five Days In the Finger Lakes

Monday April 19, 2010

We spent five sunny days in the Finger Lakes and had three soarable days in which I logged seven hours of airtime and my highest gain was 5,410 feet above take off at H-Port. We flew Harris Hill one day and that was  a 3 hour and 40 minute flight for me and up to 3,100 feet ato. Lots of pilots were out even though they were all weekdays. I recorded my fastest gain ever of 2,200 feet per minute. Friday Patrick O'Donnell and Giles Levesque from Ontario joined us and had great flights at Hammondsport, Spring flying was great.

Mukrim Sisic Had some great paragliding flights and took his Children, Timon and Tara for Tandem rides. Tara is only six years old and loves to fly with her dad.

Matt Caladine took Rick Brown for a tandem on Friday evening after the thermals subsided.


Paragliding Video - 2010 - "New York"

Mukrim Sisik Takes off the H-Port West Launch


Mukrim and Daughter Tara Getting Ready for Flight





Get it Up


They Are Flying


Timon Watches Dad and Sister Tara Soaring




They are Off


What a Great Smile


Tara Loves Flying




Timon and Dad Getting Ready

Fly By


Timon and Dad Taking Off


They are Off




Mukrim Flies at Harris Hill


Rick Brown Takes a Ride with Matt Calladine




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