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2005 Dachsiefest Video Comments

Hi Bob,
Just wanted to tell you that Noele and I watched the 2003 picnic video last evening and really enjoyed it.  You did a great job of capturing the action that day, and we especially enjoyed the Weiner Walk section.
Thanks for your hard work.
Deb Kunder


A Big Hit


Hi Bob
I have received the video. Great service thank you. We love the content. Our
girl Zoe is a smooth black and tan who gets up to some very similar
tricks. Not as smart as Bear was. Why do they look at you with their head on
one side when you talk to them? I just love the way they do that.
Regards Diane -  Victoria, Australia

   From: Jean Horne 
Subject: Dachshund Video!

Wow,  I just got Bob Grant's dachshund video in the
mail and it is awesome! If you don't like doxies in
the whole video you won't like it.  It is nothing but
wonderful shots. I laughed at some of the things and
had tears at some of the others. Bear was just
spectacular. What a life that dog had! I loved seeing
her water ski with you and jump in lakes, pools,
ponds, anything with water. Flash is going to be just
like her. My Opie would have loved to be your dog. I
have to meet you if and when you ever come back to
Tennessee. I've gotta go watch it again!


 Hi, Bob:  I got the Weiner Dog Video, and loved every morsel... The doxie picnic was cute, but nothing was as grand as following you and Bear around the country.  She sure was a real gem, and it's so wonderful that you captured much of her rascal-ness on tape;  Flash is a real doll, too.  I let my boys watch with me -- it looked so much fun that I wanted to be out in the fields, too! 
I'm very glad to have the tape.     
Anyone who wants a good laugh, take a look at this video -- you'll love it if you have a dachshund;  you'll still love it even if you've never had one...
Gilda, and dachshund pals Zook (SARDS) and Maxwell
Cupertino, CA


Hi Bob,
Rec'd the skydog video and we all loved it.  We've seen it now at least 5 times!  Love those doxies!
Sue Elworthy and family

Ontario, Canada



Hello Bob, 
I got a chance to look at the video this weekend.  I enjoyed watching Bear and Flash... I chuckled out loud several times while watching them...  You have to be a dachsie lover to appreciate your video  and  if the viewer has ever owned a dachsie or two, they will not tire of it.  I am a serious amateur photographer, and I can appreciate what it takes to put together something like the tape..
I bought it for a stocking stuffer for my wife this Christmas. I'm always on the lookout for unique things to stuff in her stocking...  I'm positive she will enjoy the tape... 

Later -

My wife enjoyed watching your video. She was particularly impressed with Bear's water activities.... Our guys don't get much exposure to water and therefore don't care for it. 

Deniss Dease

Alabama, USA



Great Dachsie video. We have the two Dachsies, Luke and Lucy. Well Lucy just loves watching the video and sits through the whole thing. I think she likes seeing herself. Thank for putting the SpringBank DachsieFest segment in there. It's great.

Harry Booker & June Cole

London, Canada.



Thanks to all of you who have sent in you appreciative notes.

Bob Grant


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