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In November 2008 we had many cloudy days and the Humber Hawks had postponed their Onslaught combat mission for a few weekends but finally on November 23 rd. a Sunny day was forecast so the pilots converge on the Cobble Hills Flight Park for a sunny fantastic day of combat flying. There was about ten inches of snow on the field so Al the owner used his mammoth snow blower and cleared a runway. Soon WW I pilots were in the air and having a great time. I was only there until noon so I missed the WW II event but I did get some great video of the WW I action so Click the link below and get a preview of the action. I also have a 16 minute DVD movie full of exciting action that I am sure you will enjoy and the cost is only $9.95 plus $2.00 shipping so just e-mail me for a copy at - or click the buy now to pay by a credit card



"NEW" November 2008 "Battle In The Sky" Preview






Bob Milne - Folker Triplane


Folker Triplane

Folker Triplane Pilot


Bob's Se-5

Take Off


Bob Milne Looks Like He is Enjoying Flight

A Tipsy Take Off and Bob Recovers Nicely



Alex Revs Up His Cessna and Daphne Watches


Bob Milne's Se-5 Fly By


Alex Gets a Good take Off with His Cessna

Bob Milne - One Wheel Landing


A Partial Line  Up



Johnny and His Se-5


Bobby (AVF) Flies a Low Low Pass - One of Many Low Passes


Cessna Fly By

Johnny Prepares


Bob Milne and Yet Another Plane (Mustang) - Bob Brought a Fleet


Bob Milne

Ted Banks Folker Ready to Fly


Johnny's Beautiful Se-5


Bobby Ready to Tear Up the Sky

Jeff Truemner Holds Bob Milne's Folker Before Take Off


A Great Take Off by Bob Milne

Jeff and Johnny


Bob's P-51 Mustang - So Fast it is Blurry




Ted Banks

Ted's Folker


Ted in the Pattern



SE-5 Approach


Nice One

Bobby (AVF) He Flies Mostly Upside down


Go Get Em Bobby



Tillsonburg-Ottervile Bash - 2006



Combat Videos

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Cobble Hills Flight Park

February 11, 2007


Lots of fun and  the Humber Hawks  made a clean sweep with their magnificent Albatrosses.  

First Place    Joe Younge of the Humber Valley Hawks

Second place   " Bent Gary"  Del Bel Belluz also  of the Hum Hawks   

Third Place     Jonny Holmes   also  the Humber Hawks

But  The Cobble Hills Fighter Group shall return to rule the sky when World War One breaks out again

at the next   contest.


"Yes" It Was A Frosty Day in February, 2007

A Group Getting Ready To Fly


A Mid-air in the Last Round of Eight Pilots


The Stories Fly in the Clubhouse After Some Great Flying


What's The Story

Worst Midair -------   Boss Hog and Ice Man wiped each other out in the last round  with 8 aircraft up at once.

At  15 degrees below Zero we found that even the usually durable corro sometimes shatters under severe abuse .

Johnny Holmes Albatross (center) --escaped with minor damage to wing covering . 

Best  Midair  is best described by Second Place winner "Bent Gary " of the Humber Valley Hawks .

(roughly translated from email)

     An extremely  bizarre midair occurred  between Jeff Decalwe's SE5A and Bent Gary's DVII.  We basically turned in to each other trying to get back upwind and there was a loud crunch.  The models remained connected and entered a flat spin.  The SE5A's prop and landing gear sliced into the Fokker's left wings, chopping off the aileron, outboard strut and a piece of the lower wing.   Just before impact with the ground, the models separated cleanly.  The SE5 went in hard and the DVII entered a steep turn.  Gary  instinctively  slammed the throttle wide open... full right aileron... full up elevator.  I couldn't believe the engine was still running and the airplane controllable.  The DVII made it back to the field safely and after some hasty repairs in the clubhouse, flew in the next round. 

 "Bent Gary"  

However -- most of the planes (not shown) went home in one piece !


Cobble Hills Flight Park

April 2, 2006

Six WW-2 Fighters Go At It








The Line-up


Streamer on Wing


Ted's Take-off

They Are Close



Ted Must Have Won the Heat


March 18, 2006

The Folker Triplane Gang


Folker is Off

Moe Carde


Brian and his Sopwith

Folker Tri-Plane



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