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2009 Flying

December 5




Jim Prowse - Cub J-3


Jim's Cub on Take-Off

Fly By


Ivan's Escapade

Frank Pancino



Jim Prowse



Shaun Carter - Thunderbolt


Jim's Cub

Shaun's Thunderbolt


Shaun's Thunderbolt

Shaun's Mustang



Shaun's Mustang and Thunderbolt



Shaun Carter's ThunderBolt



Flies Great


Shaun Carter's P-51 Mustang


Ooops, a Mid Air


Ben Hohner with His New Foamy

The Wings Pivot


Built from Plans

Flies Great


Kevin and Dad Phil



Mecos and His Escape


CP's Mustang flies Great


Chopper's Mustang

Rear Shot


Freddy Escape


Meco's Freddy Escape

Shaun Carters New Jet


Shaun Carter with Electric Mustang Powerhouse


Dan Black with His Pulse


Cory Joins us with His Beautiful Spitfire Electric at LPH July 2009


May 1 st weekend gave us great weather and Lots of New Planes

Andy's  P-51 Mustang


Andy and Mustang

Rob's Biplane


Andy's Biplane


Combat Wings

Shaun Carter Takes Off His Piper Cub


Prop Driven Jet Style


Shaun Carter

The Boys Line Up


Super Stick


Rob's Biplane

Super Stick


Tables Full of Aircraft


Wayne Takes Control

Rob's Biplane




Bob's Extra

Dale's Ultimate Biplane


Shawn Carter's two Planes - Piper and Cessna


Bob's Extra

Dale's Pattern Plane


Rob's Ultimate


Bob's Extra



Alex and His Biplane





Bob's Extra


Dale Flies His ShowTime

She Climbs Nicely


April 5, 2009 - LMAC Field London, Canada there were likely twenty pilots flying and having a wonderful time in the warm sunny light wind conditions. Frank Munzer flew and tested his new Trex 600 Pro Electric and it went very well. I flew my Blade 400 for eleven packs so I was very happy and Mecos flew his Outrage 550 lots too.

































March 14, 2009 one of the first days of 2009 flying at the LMAC field ended in disaster for these two nice planes that were piloted into a Mid-Air collision one heading west and the other heading east across the main runway. Lots of great flights were attained by about ten pilots.



Rob's 3-D Plane

Peaceful Flyers


Oops - That Mid Air Sure Did a Lot of Damage


Ashkan and Bob Look it Over

Ashkan and Colin Midair Pilots


2008 Flying

Bob's New Pitts Special 2008


Bob's New Pitts Special 2008 - Top View


Tuesday May 30, 2006 I met my friend Tommy Sheilds at the Forest City Flyers Field behind the Ford Plant near Talbotville and had a enjoyable evening of flying with Tommy and Bob May who was the only other flyer at the field this evening. Tommy flew his new Extra 330 Suitcase 3D aerobatic Profile electric airplane with great success, Bob May flew his real nice 60 powered biplane and I flew my Electric P-51 Miss America Mustang. Photos from that evening follow.

Tommy Shields - Lambeth

Tommy's New Extra 330


Tommy Has a Great Time Flying the Extra 330


Port Franks June 2, 2006

Maureen's New Slow Stik

Bob Taking Off near Port Franks, Ontario, Canada


P-51 Fly-By

Eric Showing Mary How to Fly R/C


Eric Gets a Little Close


The Slow Stik Squeeked Through


Justin Smale Learning at Port Franks

Kevin Perry with His Copters Resting Between Flights

at the Forest City Flyers Field - Talbotville, Ontario, Ca.

Forest City Flyers Field June 6, 2006

Randy Burns Preparing for Flight

Tommy Shields Setting up


A big Gasser and a Small Electric



Kevin Perry Taxis out to Take-off


What a Pretty Plane



Kevin Perry 3-D Aerobatics


Free Online 3-D Video - Kevin Perry Flies His 60 Size 3-D Plane





Kevin Doing some Great Stuff

The Fly By


Tommy's Plane


Kevin Perry Taking Off

Tommy Shields Cessna


102 Inch beauty by Randy Burns

FCF May 30, 2006

Extra 330

Bob May with His Biplane


Bob Sure Does Fly it Well


Bob Keeps an Eye on His Biplane






Tommy's New Cessna

Ready for Take-off



Thursday May 4, 2006 Cam Schiedel, Art Lane and myself went for a late evening fly at our local hospital grounds and all had great flights. Cam's renewed Spitfire flew especially well after he inserted a heavier battery up-front and Art flew his new bird even though the wind was about 12 MPH and he also made two great landings. I flew my renewed P-51 with a all new Styrofoam core wing with lighter covering and it now flies much better since I added more than two inches to the trailing edge making it much easier to land as now it will slow down significantly.

Cam Launches His Spitfire


Art Sends His Homebuilt Skyward


Art Goes Again

The Spitfire in Action


Cam Puts the Spitfire Through it's Paces


Love Those Warbirds


Bob's Old P-51 With a New Larger Wing





The Fly-By




Cam Schiedel of London, Canada and His Fleet Ready to Go and a Great Static Display Below


Cam Schiedel's Snowbird April 2, 2006


Cam Launches

Cessna 172


Folker Tri-Plane





Hughes H-1

Slow Stik


Slow Stik in Flight

Slow Stik Takes Off the Water


Cam has a camera fastened to his Slow Stik and took this photo

showing Kelloggs at the top right. Dundas and Highbury - Center





Great Days in Florida February, 2006

On a four week vacation in Florida Eric, Mary, Maureen and Bob enjoyed sunny days all but three and Bob was able to fly his hang glider at Wallaby Ranch near Orlando. In the evenings we had many flights with the R/C electric model aircraft. After a visit to Graves Model shop on the other side of Orlando we were ready to build and fly. Chris and Rick, assembled the P-51 for me and we were ready to fly. I asked Chris to test fly the P-51 for me as I had not actively flown R/C for more that thirty years and I am sure that I was rusty. It was wonderful that Chris took her up for the maiden flight as it was a tiger by the tail to fly. After some adjusting by Chris I was able to take the controls and I did successfully fly and land the beast. It flies very fast and I was over controlling the P-51.

Eric made a number of great flights with his Slow Stik and also practiced flying his new helicopter and in the end we brought them all home unscathed.

We are looking forward to flying here in South Western, Ontario, Canada.

The P-51 Mustang Always a Favourite for me


Chris and Rick who assembled this one for me.

Bob and his First Mustang in 33 Years


Eric Walne Flying in Florida

Eric and Mary at Wallaby Ranch Florida


Graves Model Shop in Orlando

Eric Flying his Slow Stik


Low and Slow

Buzzing Along


P-51 Mustang Flying at Port Franks Canada

Slow Stik Cruising

OK So we have been home for two weeks now and I did fly the P-51 here in London, Ontario, Canada and at a golf coarse near Port Franks, Ontario and still it is in one piece. I have been making some adjustments to make it easier and so far it is getting better so I hope that I can keep it from destruction until we get some better photos or maybe even a video. Eric has flown his Zagi with some success and has flown his helicopter in a gym a few times. Summer is coming and we will get out more then.


March 19, 2006 We were able to fly as the March winds backed of in the evening so Tommy Shields and myself went to a field close by and after flying the P-51 for about twenty minutes I made a super misjudgement and flew her through a giant bare leafed tree. Wow, did those wings ever shred of nicely. Take a look at the photos of that day by Clicking Here


Bob's P-51 April 2, 2006 with New Wing


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