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P-51 Mustang Profile

and Friends Planes


Tommy Shields Flying in His Backyard in Lambeth, Ontario, Canada


Wow - Three Flights Today - No Crashes



Landing Approach



Another Great Launch by Tommy


Another Good Landing

Tommy Loops His Cessna


Bob Grant Launches His P-51 Profile by Fun Force



This is the Bottom

Landing Approach


Wingin It

The Tower of Death





Flash Our Amazing Doxie Waits for Me

There it is Again


Let's Go Over It

Now For The Silos


OH Canada Flaggin



This Plane Really Flies Well with the Controls Dampened





Here She Goes Again




Eric Walne Gets His Zaggi Ready for Flight


Mary Launches it For Eric



Eric Watches Out For A bird

P-51 Profile Waiting On Deck


Eric Doing Great with His Zaggi

Bob Launches Again


Eric and Mary - What a Team

Up and Over



Eric Loves That Bird


What  a Great Sky





We had some great fun in April 2006 and are ready for a great flying summer.


March 2006

OK, so after a month of flying the scale P-51 Miss America I finally started assembly of a Fun Force P-51 profile Mustang. It took me about twenty hours being that I have not done any model building for thirty years now and my eyes aren't what they used to be. I also needed to fabricate a good mounting system for the 400 series electric motor that I was using in my Miss America so that took some time and I did not feel that the Control horns were sufficient so I installed larger ones with 1/16 plywood reinforcement under them. In the end it turned out very satisfactory. Now for the flying story, well sure enough I did it, just what I always thought I would never do - I set up the ailerons backwards so when my friend Eric launched my new bird it did something like a unexpected roll and thumped into a muddy field. Fortunately the soft mud did no damage except that the prop broke and that was easily fixed and then we had to program my transmitter to reverse the action of my aileron servo. Ok so that being fixed we tried it again and sure enough it flew although I found that it was very sensitive but I soon fixed that with longer control horns and some end point adjustments.

Now I have had about seven flights on it in three days and I am really liking this model. With it's wider wing cord if handles very nicely and lands really well.

Below are photos of Eric's Edge 540 and his Zaggi and my new P-51 profile Mustang on it's first day out.


Eric's Edge 540 Ready for Take-off


The 540 Tips Nose Down on Take-Off

Eric Get it Off on the Next Attempt


Oh Dear, The Edge is Out of Control

Michael and Grandpa Eric Retrieve the Edge


The Fun Force P-51 Profile Before Flight

Eric Launches it For me.


A Great Launch and Up She Goes

It Flies Great and I Will Finish Painting it Soon


Eric Gets His Zaggi Ready for Flight


Eric Does Well With The Zaggi

I Had to Add the Red Strip Not to Confuse Up From Down


Eric Launches it Again

She Climbs Vertical with the 400 Series Electric Motor


More Air









With a 2100 Lipo it Runs About 25 Minutes



P-51 Flies Inverted Very Well

There We Go Again


Landing is a Breeze





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