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R/C Model Aircraft




R/C Hang Glider at Suzuki January 17, 2009 Click Here

January 17, 2009 Suzuki Center Ingersoll

Kevin Perry's Blade CP

Kevin Perry's Blade CP



Al's 450 Heli


Jeff Swanson's R/C Hang Glider Top - Cambridge

R/C Hang Glider Bottom


Paul Neely - MCX


January 10, 2009 Suzuki Center Ingersoll

Heli Flight Video  - Click Here


Only Six of us Showed Up and Here are a Few.


Ivan Flies Close



Dan and Kevin Fly 3-D Together

Bob and 400



Ivan has a Great Smile


Ivan Flies His new Vapor

Ivan's Vapor Coming out of Loop


Ivan's New Vapor

Kevin and Dan


Bob Flies his 400 Heli



Kevin Flies 3-D

Dan Flies 3-D


Dan Flies 3-D

Bob Grant with 400 Heli



Kevin Flies His 3-D Plane with Heli in Foreground


Saturday January 3, 2009 - Suzuki Center, Ingersoll

Video of This Event - Click Here


The Group























Saturday December 27, 2008 - Suzuki Center, Ingersoll

Free December 27, 2008 Fun Video - Click Here


The Saturday Evening Group December 2008


Parkzone Vapor



Vapor Over Steve's Head

Steve Flies 3-D



Two More Vapors

Ted Banks Flying His Biplane


3-D Plane and Helicopter


Steve Launching

Kevin Perry 3-D


The Cameraman

Four Vapors



Everybody is Having Fun


Kevin in Close

The Workbench


3-D Plane

E-Flight MCX Helicopter Airborne


Two B-Rex 450s Flying


Vapor Close



Close Call


Keith and Kevin

CX-2 Heli


E-Flight CX-2 Heli


Saturday March 24, 2007 - Suzuki Center, Ingersoll
















Saturday March 31, 2007 - Suzuki Center, Ingersoll

Free Online Twin Crash Flight Video Big - Click Here


















Free Online Flight Video Big- Click Here


Free Online Flight Video Small- Click Here


Free Online Twin Crash Flight Video Big - Click Here


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