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LMAC R/C 2017

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Had some great fun flying with all the boys at the field. Bo Grahl and I did a couple of combat flights and the last one turned into a head on crash that destroyed our motor mounts.

May 27, 2017

Photos Below

Bo Grahl Flying His Stearman Biplane


Chris Grahl Inverted on His Hat


Fidel Landing Approach

Dan Landing Approach


Chris - Nerves Of  Steel


 Bob's  Sbach



Ian Paisley Aerobatics

Bo and Chris


Chris Grahl Landing


Alyssa and Dan


Ian Paisley

Bo's Line Up


Mitch Taking Of with His Jet


Bo Shows the Broken Mount




Bo and Chris

June 1st 2017

 Bob Grant Jr. "Lift Off"


John Smith "FlyBy"


Bob Hovering


John Having a Good Time


Bob "Inverted Flight"

June 04, 2017

Killdare Protecting Her Eggs In The Parking Lot


Chris Grahl Launching Adam's Jet


Adam and His New Jet

Adam, Chris and Bo


Bob Grant Jr. Flying His 700  Heli


John Smith and Chris Grahl

Ian Paisley and Bob Grant


Jim Prouse Flying His Plane

Alvin Flying His Jet



Bo and Jim


Bo's Waco



John's Plane

Chris and Honey


Chris Launches Adam's Jet


Bo Grahl

John Smiths


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