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Cloud 9 Michigan 2008

Our first two weekends of flying at Cloud 9 in Michigan were great with the first weekend giving us climbs to over 5,000 feet on Friday and 0ver 7,500 feet on Saturday and Mark Dugan topped the stack as usual. Then the next weekend which was Memorial day another great Friday and Saturday with climbs to 5,000 feet.  On that first weekend Mark Bolt did a big triangle of about thirty miles and showed up back at Heaven of the east at 5:30 having a nice day of three hours flying. The sundat between when I could not be there pilots were getting climbs to 6,00 feet. We have had some great flying at Cloud 9 in 2008 spring and summer. Check out the photos at - Here


Finger Lakes, New York, 2008

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Our first attempt at the Finger Lakes Spring 2008

Skydog Report - April 16
th - 19th

Wednesday April 16, 2008 we drove the 4 hours to Dansville New York where we met Bob Roth and Carl Parsiegla and later Scott Wise showed up and then Linda Salamone and Mark Frutiger zoomed in to try to soar the elusive thermals. When we first arrived around noon the wind was coming into launch at about ten MPH and so Bob Roth and I carried our T-2s into launch and set up and Carl brought his paraglider to launch and while Bob and I were setting up Carl took off and quickly dove to the landing area as the wind had lightened up considerably. Scott Wise was next to launch and Scott made a few passes and slowly sunk out and landed close to the soccer field in a ploughed field. Bob Roth was next and he followed Scott’s lead as I waited hoping that the wonder winds would kick in. By five o’clock Mark and Linda tried their luck but no success as they both slowly descended and then Carl tried his paraglider again and he did get above take off and made a few turns but after about ten minutes Carl was flushed and I decided to break my glider down rather than trying to run off the shallow slope at Dansville. It was nice seeing all the pilots for the first time in 2008.

Thursday morning after checking with Bob Roth we decided to try Bristol Mountain as the forecast wind was for south westerlies turning to North West by evening. Bob and Carl met us in the landing area and we proceeded to the top where we found that the road was closed due to wet conditions so we walked in with Carl and Bob and their paragliders. My wife Maureen carried my 25 pound harness most of the way in and when we arrived at launch the wind was coming in at 8 MPH so Bob and Carl offered to carry my glider in from the road a half hour walk much of which was up hill and I carried a few other parts and after meeting a wonderful new neighbour, Mark Michaud who has purchase seventy acres just north of launch and Mark offered to carry my glider on his fur wheeler so Bob and Carl were saved the heavy carry in. Sure enough by the time we got my glider in the wind had diminished and was coming about 20 degrees from the left so we waited and Bob tried to launch his paraglider about five times with no success and finally I decided to run my T-2 off the hill and by this time the wind was coming from the north west and I made a great launch and turned right and toward a bowl that gave me about 100 feet of lift above launch but as I passed over the launch I soon found that there was no lift to the left of launch and by the time I made it back to the lifting bowl I was much to low to use the lift so I headed for the parking lot landing area at Bristol Ski Lodge and made a perfect landing on my wheels as usual. Within a few minutes Bob Roth got off the mountain and quickly made his way to the parking lot. Carl soon followed and managed to hang in my lifting bowl for about ten minutes and then cruised out to the Bristol parking lot. Our second day was not too exciting and fortunately the weather was really nice with high temps near 75 degrees F.

Friday OK so the wind is finally coming in at our favourite site (Hammondsport) and first thing in the morning Mukrim and his two friends, Evo and his brother Alex from Bulgaria were set up on launch at 10:30 and Mukrim Sisic rushes of the west take off and climbs rapidly to over one thousand feet and later gets as high as three thousand feet while the wind becomes more from the west making take off for me not a pleasant option and Evo and Alex try a couple of flights sinking out while Mukrim soars high above getting thermals way out in the valley Around five o’clock the wind switches to the right of launch and I pick a straight cycle and blast off and make a few passes and then lose the lift and am forced to the church landing area. Doug Stoner made a late flight landing at the Church and we all had a few stories to tell and Mukrim was certainly the star performer for the day.

Saturday morning we wake to the sound of wind and we realize that Mukrim and his paraglider friends have left at 8 AM for Italy Valley so by 9 we are on the road chasing them. When we arrive at Italy Valley launch we see that Mukrim, Evo and Alex are all soaring well above launch at 10 AM so of coarse I am in a flap trying to hurry my T-2 into flying condition. Well I blasted off at 10:30 AM and wow was it ever nice getting into some soaring air with my paragliding friends. As we were flying the wind began to pick up and was somewhat textured and I would give it a Rasty report of 7 out of ten for bumpy but my T-2 handled it very nicely and the Paragliders were marking the thermals for me and finally I caught a good one and zoomed up past all of them and followed it back to the tip of Canandaigua Lake and then I was at 4,745 feet and the view was spectacular. I flew around for a while and noticed that the three paragliders had landed so I cruised to the ridge and then the valley and finally was getting down to 500 feet above launch and I decided to land on top about 1,000 feet behind launch and I had a good landing and walked my T-2 half way to launch and Maureen and I took Flash the amazing wiener dog for a walk through the Hi-Tor glen and that was beautiful. Around four PM we returned and I took off again while many other plots waited for the wind to drop off and this time I only flew for twenty minutes after making a bad decision flying to far to the east and loosing the lift and quickly I landed in the old landing area. Shortly after Mukrim joined me there as he also could not penetrate the westerly winds. While we were breaking down we saw a fairly new pilot (Chuck) take off and he seamed to be in a wonder wind about four thousand feet above take off and after about a half hour Chuck landed way to close behind launch but got lucky with his landing and survived unscathed. The rotor is usually nasty right there. OK so after being persistent I finally got two hours of airtime in our last day in the Finger Lakes for this session. We will be back again real soon. Keep Posted.

SKYDOG - Bob Grant


Scott Wise with a Great Take Off at Dansville, New York


Bob Roth Skimming off Dansville

Scott Wise - Lift-off


Bob Roth Wingin at Dansville


Mark Frutiger - Dansville

Flash our Dachshund Watching the Gliders


Mark Frutiger with a Great Run


Linda Salamone Says "Look at Mark Soar"

Mark and Linda Are Off To Arizona Comp This Weekend


Linda Ready for Some Wind on Take Off at Dansville


Scott Wise's Dansville Report

Yup, that's me. It may look like I got a bump as I launched - and I did. If you've read Bob's commentary, I'll add this:

The good HG LZs are (at least?) a mile west of launch. And launch is only at about 650 - 700 ft AGL. Dansville faces SW and the wind was more or less south. That meant not much possibility of ridge lift, but MAYBE some thermal lift - if you could find it.

Well, I didn't find much so headed down the ridge at my best "get pointy" glide toward fields that always look FAR AWAY if you don't gain out after take-off.

I ended up getting near the LZ at about 500 feet. As I set up my approach to the LZ at Dansville I stumbled into some lift at about 300 ft. over a freshly ploughed field. I started going up. [I hate this next part]

There happened to be a vehicle next to the LZ just about ready to take pilots back up the hill. What do I do? Try to stay up and watch a ride drive away, or land and catch the ride?

Like a true wienie I decided to abandon the weak thermal and land for the "sure thing" ride up the hill. Oh, but what if that thermal was headed to 3 - 4 grand? Sadly, I'll never know. But I did have a safe set up and landing, avoiding the nasty low down edges of the thermal - which can be not-so-fun things.

All in all, it was a nice, though short, flight. And as to the longest air time that day? That honour went to Linda Salamone with a long (I hope I remember correctly - 12 Minutes.)



Maureen Grant Lugging My Harness Into Bristol

Snow on the Ski Area at Bristol Across the Valley


Mark Michaud Four Wheels My Glider into Bristol

Flash Waiting For a Ride on Mark's Four Wheeler


Maureen at The Inlet to Kueka Lake

Flash in The Swamp at Hammondsport


Flash Diving For Rocks

Rick Paroulski's Cabin at Hammondsport


Bob Loosing it at Hammondsport

Coming in Close to Launch Hoping for Some Lift


Flash Diving for Rocks at Hammondsport Waterfalls

Doug Fien at Italy Valley


A Group of Pilots Waiting For The Wind to Slow Down at Italy Valley


Bob Gets Of at Italy Valley For a One Hour and Thirty-Five Minute Flight up to 4,745 Feet ATO


These Guys Really Know How To Do It.


A Snake in the Gorge at Hi-Tor Near Italy Valley

One of The Many Water Falls at Hi-Tor Conservation



Rick Brown Lining Up for a Landing at Italy Valley


Bob Grant T-2


Bob Lands on Top Way Back

Water Falls at Hi-Tor Conservation Area


Rick Brown

Rick Brown A Happy Pilot


Rick and Mukrum Walk Rick's Glider To the Car Maureen Follows


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