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October 29, 2005 was much to windy for towing at Finger Lakes Aerosports Flight Park near Rochester so we took a trip south to Harris Hill take-off near Elmira New York and we were happy to enjoy some great ridge and thermal flying. Some reports have pilots reaching 2,500 feet above the 700 foot take-off but I only got to 1,680 feet above. The wind was strong around 3 pm when many of us got airborne but after an hour it mellowed out to a much less turbulent flight and about ten of us enjoyed some smooth wonder wind conditions. My flight time was two hours and sixteen minutes and others may have been up for longer. I think that Dan Walters may have flown to Blue Swan airport as I did not see him after his take-off. Photos to follow.

If any other pilots who flew that day at Harris would like to add Photo or text, Please write to me at

Pilot Contemplating Windy Launch


Dogs Getting to Know Each Other While Pilots Line up for Launch


Pilot Launching in 20 mph Plus Winds


Bob Grant on the Left With Friends Enjoying the Lift


Almost Ready


Morgan our Friend's Dog From Canada

A Beautiful Pooch


The Wind in the Trees and Good Lift


Flash, Our Dachshund Watching the Gliders


Local Hang Waiting Dogs


The Parking Area Next to Launch


Bob Grant on Final


Landing on Wheels


What a Great Day



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Who Sent Me This Photo


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