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Wallaby Ranch February, 2006

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Aerotowing at Wallaby Ranch February 2006


Carlos Bessa - Tug Pilot










Eric Walne - Port Franks - Canada









Neil Goss Takes Bob Grant for a Ride



Art - Kansas




Raean Permenter - Under Tow -  Member of the 2006 Women's World Team




Bob Grant - London - Canada


Joe Schmucker - Rochester, New York




Adrian and Bob


Morning Balloon Launches







Mary McBurney and Maureen Grant - Canada


Mike Onorato NY Saving a Landing


The Girls Biking the Van Fleet Trail

A 27 Degree Frosty Morning




Radio Control Slow Stik

Erik Walne Flies Model Plane





Mary Takes Eric's Photo with Plane




Bob Grant being Towed

The Pool




Mary Snacking



Joe Schmucker Rochester, New York



Oliver - Holland

















Bob and Eric - Computers



Mick Cotts - Australia


Mike Onorato


Joe Schmucker

High Flair






Joe Schmucker - Rochester, New York


Bob and Neil

Tom and Dave


Tom Nejame - Connecticut





Joe and Oliver

Clayton - Florida



Mike Onorato - Connecticut


Debbie Onorato - Connecticut



Tom Nejame


Mike Barber - Florida Advanced HG Instructor

Adrian - UK





Greg Free and Adrian

Maureen Grant - Canada and Neil Goss - Panama City, Fl.


Clayon Sets Up



Mike Onorato


Rick Travaras - Florida

Neil Goss


Kerry Lloyd - Florida Tow Pilot

Tammy Burcar - Santa Barbara, Ca



Mick Cotts - Australia





Steve Prepost - Tandem Instructor


Lucy Carries the Beer (Good Dog)

Tom Nejame


Greg Free - California

Clayton - Fl.




Sunset at Wallaby Ranch - Florida


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