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2008 Photos

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We Have returned to our home in London, Canada and I have added many of our best photos and I will be adding some Videos real soon.

I need help with the captions so if you know who the Pilots are please e-mail me at-




We Arrive at Wallaby Ranch 2 pm Thursday January 31, 2008

Getting Tandems Ready for Flight


Our Wonderful Hosts "The Jones Family"


John Arthur Jones and Malcolm Jones


Malcolm's Father - "John Arthur Jones" Telling Us Lots of His War Stories


Lauren and Lulu

John Arthur


Marco Weber - Tampa Pilot - Litespeed


Maureen Grant Relaxing at the Pool in the 85 Degree Weather

These Clouds Were So Pretty Right Next To Me


David Ledford's New Motor Assisted Taurus Sailplane


Neal Wallaby Tug Pilot Takes Off with His Ultralite Bi-plane


Skydog Takes Micki Ahl for a Spin and Flash Chases Us

Mick Robson Always Entertaining


The For of Us Rent a Deck Boat at Sebastian Inlet on the East Coast and Have a Wonderful Day on the Water





Wallaby Tow Plane Towing Mario Up a Thousand Feet Below Me


I Thought That The Sunstreak Showing Between the Clouds was Nice

Mike Barber Working His Way Up While Giving a Lesson


Rick on His Ghostbuster and We are Near Cloudbase at 4,200 Feet


Allen Ahl Taking His Final Flight for This Trip to Wallaby

Carlos Tugs Us Up on Our Last Day at Wallaby 2008


Rick in His Ghostbuster Flies So Close To The Sun That His Wings May Melt


Steve Prepost Lands a Test Flight on a New Glider

Nick From England Gets Ready For a Mike Barber Lesson


Mike Barber Gets Nice and Close as We Thermal Over Dean Still Road


The Clover Leaf at Hwy #4 and Hwy 27

Towing at Wallaby


Mike Barber Thermalling with Me


We Share the Air

Maureen Takes Me for a Spin and it is a Workout


This Was A Great Thermal That Mike Spotted For Me


Rae-ann Parmeter Loving the Weather at Wallaby Ranch

Fred Parmeter Another Day at Wallaby


Mike Barber Out Front and David Ledford Just Below with the Warehouses in the Background


David Ledford Powering Up

Red Headed Ladder-back Woodpecker Behind Our Rented Hooch


David Ledford Prepares to Land at Wallaby


83 Year Young Pilot George Rich Goes For His 15 Mile Daily Ride

Hawk Not So Close - On My Second Day Here I had Three Bald Eagles Thermalling Very Close Like 20 Feet from Me but No Camera Then


David Ledford's New Taurus Pipistrel Motor Assisted Glided Two Person Side By Side ( Really Nice)


Another Angle

"Skydog" Bob and Maureen Having Fun at Wallaby Ranch


David Ledford Lifts Off


Dachshund "Flash" Has Fun Chasing Us

The Good Life at Wallaby Ranch


David Motoring Up


It's So Darn Pretty That I Just Could Not Resist

Allen Ahl Flying Up To The Clouds


Al Ahl Does His Last Great Landing For This Visit to Wallaby Ranch - February 2008


Advanced Instructor Mike Barber Taking To The Sky



Mario Luppa (Italy) Landing


Mario Luppa Soaring High Above Wallaby Ranch - Florida

Mario Luppa


Paul Moncure After a Great Flight

Aric - Helper at The Ranch and Expert Wills Wing T-2 Pilot


Bob Grant Landing Flight #2 on Our Last Day


Mario Luppa

# 504


Nick - England



"Flash" Our Dachshund Looks a Little Sleepy After a Day at Wallaby


Rick Bremer - Ghostbuster


Fred Parmeter

George Rich - Senior Pilot from Michigan


Rae-Ann Parmeter - Florida Comp Pilot


George Rich

Mick Robson


Rick - Ghostbuster


Steve Prepost Had a HG Vacation in Hawaii Recently

Bob Grant - London, Canada


Rick Landing Approach - Ghostbuster


Rick Being Towed - Ghostbuster

David Ledford Takes Oliver For a Ride


Mario Luppa  - Italy


Carlos Tows Mario Into a Beautiful Sky


# 206

Nick From England - Landing

# 207


Fred Parmeter - Great Landing


# 208

David Ledford


David Ledford - Close-up


Aric on Approach

George Rich on Approach


Mike Barber - Landing


Skydog on Approach

Aric - Coming In


Rae-Ann - Great Flare


Eric - On Tow

Eric Climbing Out


Dragonfly Slipping in Behind The Pool


Rick - Ghostbuster

Mario Lands After a Great Flight


Rick Towing


# 209

# 210


Mario Banking


Aric Cruising In

Skydog Eyeing a Landing


Eric Winging Through the Trees



Carey Lloyd


Aric Makes a Perfect Landing With His Wills Wing T-2


Nick Takes Some Pointers From Mike Barber

Parachute jumper Bob - Polk City, Florida


Fred Parmeter - A Great Flare


Mick Robson

Skydog Flares a Little High


Steve Prepost Nails a Good One


Aric Runs It Out


Micki Ahl - Taking a Spin Around The Ranch

Tom Nejame - A Happy Pilot


Eric Walne - London, Canada - Gets Ready To Fly the Striker


Eric - Self Launch

The Striker Is Airborne


Marty Beckenbach Landing His Atos VX


Marty Lining Up for Landing

Tom Nejame Cruising In


Tom Nejame on Approach


David Ledford's New Two Seater


David Ledford, Mike Barber and Myself Share a Thermal


Tom Nejame and Marty Beckenbach Ready for Flight

John Arthur Driving the Golf Cart


Tom Nejame Being Towed on His Atos VX and Flying To Q-Ball


Micki and Al Ahl

Steve Arndt - New Hampshire


Steve Arndt Flying His Carbon Dragon


Steve Being Towed

Steve After Landing


A Night Flight


Steve Being Towed Aloft


Steve Pushing Back to Set Up Area


Chris Mangels Model Plane - So Fast - So Blurry


Nico Shows Us His New Zaggi - Heather Too

Flash Eating a Coconut


Bob Grant Being Towed


Ghostbuster Being Towed



Towing Through The Trees



Flash Our Dachshund Climbing Out After a Great Swim




Allen Ahl and Paul Moncure Tearing Up The Sky

Everyone Was Thermalling Together Nicely - February 16, 2008


Marty Beckenbach Gives Us a Wave - He is Feeling Better Now

Mick Robson Takes Off Eh !!





Tom Nejame with the Thumbs Up - Looks Like A Great Day


Allen Ahl Flies the Wills Wing U-2 Toady February 16, 2008 for Two and One Half Hours


Paul Moncure - U-2

Allen Ahl - On Approach


Bob Grant - Landing Approach


Allen Ahl Telling us About His Great 2-1/2 Hour Flight - Check Stories For More From Al - CLICK HERE

Mosquito Powered Harness Flying in the Evening


Glider Specking Out at the Top Right


Student Being Fitted With Helmet by Heather

Adrian and Heather Assist Take Off



Student Waiting to Fly


Unknown Pilot Flies Close to Me ?  #210


Student Gets Instructions From Malcolm

Student Excited to Fly  #65


Two Hang Gliders Off My Wingtip


Malcolm and Student

Bob McFee - Tow Pilot - Takes me to the Good Ones


Rick Bremer on His Ghostbuster

Rick on His Ghostbuster


Ghostbuster - Four Hour Flight - February 16, 2008





John Arthur and Lauren










Tandem with Malcolm



John Sumner and Rae-ann Parmeter

Donna and ?  #105


Marco, Donna, ?, Julie and Tyson  # 106


Marco and Julie Weber

Bob and Maureen Grant


Fred Parmeter with His New Litespeed



# 107

# 108


# 109


# 110

# 111


# 112

# 113


# 114

# 115


Marty Beckenbach Flying His Atos VX

# 116


# 117


# 118

# 119







Marty on VX






# 120


Wallaby Ranch

# 121


I Found This One Interesting


# 122

# 123


A Wallaby Hawk


John Sumner Blows a Landing and John is OK



John Sumner Ready to Replace a Downtube


# 124


# 125

A Red Disease on Trees


Mick Robson


There are so Many of these Beautiful Birds to Fly With

Laurie Croft, Lindsay and Heather


Malcolm Takes Another Student Up For a Tandem Ride


XC Pilot - Tom Nejame After a Two Hour Flight - Feb.- 14

Hang Diver and Heather with a Zaggi Look-alike


Lucy - Lorie Croft's Pup

Debbie, Maureen and Gord Head Out For A Sixty Five Mile Ride


#2  Unknown Solo Take-Off



Elam and Oded


#3  Three Gliders in a Beautiful Sky


Steve Prepost Helps a Tandem Flight Get Started

#4  Tandem Student


Malcolm and Student Landing Approach


Tandem Students

Malcolm and Student


Steve Prepost with a Student


Bob McFee - Tug Pilot

Steve Prepost with a Student


Julie Weber Showing Skydog Where the Lift Is


Laurie Croft - Wallaby Ranch

Oded Kilar - Rochester NY


Mick Robson Local Wallaby Pilot Landing


Malcolm and Laurie on Right with Students

Heather With a New Harness


Oded Kalir Leaving the Cart





Pete - North Carolina



Debbie, Gord and Maureen


Wild Thing





Oded Kalir


Heather Climbing Out

Malcolm and Student


Heather Floating In


Malcolm Tandem

Heather Stoddard -  Click Here for Heather's Story




Sunset at Wallaby Ranch


Elam and Friend

Steve Djokic and Dave Alford




Mark Fink, Bob Grant and Dave Alford

Adrian and Eric Fly R/C




Pat and Tony


R/C Wings

Heather, Adrian and Eric


Mick Robson Being Towed Aloft


John Pettinato





Heather Landing



"Rocket Man" David Swagger


Bob Grant Approach on his Wills Wing T-2

Lone Pilot in Background




David Labagh






Debbie, Gord and Maureen After a 67 Mile Bike Ride





George Rich Loving it at 83 Just Before His One and One Half Hour Flight


Ode Kalir - Rochester NY



John Sumner Being Towed Aloft and Flying to Cloudbase where He Was looking Down on Me




Oded Landing

Al Sasser - Jacksonville Pilot - T-2




Chaudi -U-2



Julie Weber Climbing Over Skydog Lower on T-2



Bob Grant


Pete - Sensor


Julie Weber





Bob McFee










Oded Being Towed To Launch


"Rocket Man" Being Towed Sky bound



Heather Takes Off


Tyson Richmond - Litespeed







Oliver VanDam

Adrian - South Africa - Model Man



Mick Robson






John Arthur


John Sumner Doing a Great Flair Landing



Oded Kalir a Happy Pilot




Eric, Maureen, Debbie, Mary and Gord

Micki Ahl and Friends




Paul Moncure Chef Extraordinaire

Ashley Cook's Helper




Bob Grant

Tom Nejame



Bob Grant


Allen Ahl







Allen Ahl

Micki Ahl





Bob Grant



Fred Permenter - Florida Pilot


Bob Grant



Julie Weber Above Bob Grant - London, Canada Lower Glider


Al Ahl

Al Ahl


Al Ahl

Bob Grant


Bob Grant

Debbie and Gord




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