Usually during the summer months a group of pilots from Ohio visit Cloud 9 Aerotow operation in Michigan for some great flying and are usually rewarded with great conditions. The week of 

August 7 - 11, 2002 was another fun filled adventure. When I arrived at the field on Saturday morning there were 12 gliders already set up and pilots had many stories of great flights during the week. On Saturday, August 10, 2002, Mark Bolt of Pontiac Michigan had a challenging flight of 58 miles. Wednesday and Thursday were epic days with altitude gains to 6000 feet and many hours of airtime achieved. Photos of some of the pilots attending follow. If I missed catching you on film, please send me a photo by e-mail and I will be happy to include it below.

Set-up Area

Dan Walker - Seated - Paragliding Harness



Larry Wright - Buckeye Lake, Ohio

Linda Wright - Buckeye Lake, Ohio



Matt Kollman - Rapture Designer - Ohio

Dan Walker Mi.


Jessie Martin - Ohio

Jo Walker Mi.


Kelly - Ron Rhode's Gal

Lance and Mellanie


Lisa Colletti Always Happy to be Cutting the Grass

Leigh Old - Atos Pilot - Ohio


Rick Mullen - Atos Pilot - Ohio

Raymond Sulin - Fusion Pilot - Midland Mi.


Ron Kellerman - Ohio

Steve Warren - Lightspeed Pilot - Ohio


Tom Primavera - Ohio Looper

"The Dogs" 


Tom Looping at 3000 feet

Tom Saving a Crosswind Landing


Werner Denhard From Frankfort, Germany

Werner Ready for Take-off


Tandem Pilots

Amanda From Rochester Hills Mi.

Jonathon From Cadillac Mi.


Ben Howe Ready for a Great Flight

Brian Howe also Ready



Pat Howe (Dad) Livonia Mi.

Chris Howe (Mom)


Josh Enjoying Cloud 9

Jenny Anticipating Brian's Flight



Tracy on the Bottom Takes up Another Tandem

Tandem Flight Making an Approach


A Tandem Pilot Giving us a Wave



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