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Katie-did October 23, 2011

Our First NY Adventure since June 5, 2011 - "A long Dry Spell"

We drove Friday evening and arrived at 2 am Saturday morning and woke up to a cloudy day that the forecast had predicted to be sunny so we checked out Harris hill and found not enough lift on the ridge to be worth setting up. We went to a movie at the mall and Maureen, Patrick and I headed back to Bath for pizza with Scott Wise.

Sunday dawned sunny and the wind is forecast to be wsw so we head to Katie-did with Scott. When we arrived and asked permission the owner said the road to the top was bad so we gave it a go but it was too bad with large ruts from the heavy rains of late so we walked to the top just to show Patrick the nice launch. When we got to the top the sock was coming straight in and straight out at ten mph but the walk was to hard for us to carry our gliders up so we took a few photos and headed down and drove to Harris hill to see if we could get a flight there. On arrival at Harris the sock was coming in 30 degrees from the left but luffing at 2- 10 mph. Patrick and Scott set up and took sledders. Patrick hit a thermal but felt that he was to close to the ridge to turn in it. I expect that Patrick could have got above take off for a few minutes if he could have used the thermal. they both had good landings and we headed home.

Katie-did Hill Photos

Ruts in the Road

Flash Checks Them Out


Pretty Hard to Get By Without Wrecking a Vehicle

Patrick's First Look at Katie-did Take Off


Patrick, Scott and Maureen Enjoy the Scenery. Check out the Wind Sock!!


Down We Go

Patrick and Scott Say, Let's Go To Harass Hill

Harris Hill Photos

Maureen and Lobie

Patrick and Lobie


Patrick and Scott Ready to Fly


Scott on Launch

Patrick on Launch


Patrick Heading Down


Scott Setting Up a Landing

Patrick on Final

Harris Hill Video Click Here

Skydog Report

Hammondsport June 3 & 5, 2011

We drove Thursday evening and woke to blue skies Friday morning with the wind coming straight in and soarable by 10am so we waited until noon when Patrick arrived and Bill Vickery came in and Bill set up and flew at 1pm and soared for two hours. We lost sight of Bill for a long time as he must have been plenty high and hiding in the clouds. With the wind being 18 gusting to 22 mph I waited until 5 pm and took off for a two hour flight and Patrick followed with a one hour flight. Saturday started out cloudy and it rained by noon and cleared again around 5 and we waited for Sunday which had a great forecast. Sunday morning dawned sunny again and the wind was coming in again. I took off around 1 pm for a two hour flight landing on top and waited for the strong stuff to pass and I flew again at 5 pm for a three and one half hour flight. There were eight pilots flying Sunday and we all had a great time. The very special part of my last flight was the wonder wind that started around six thirty and I was able to get up to 2,900 feet above take-off for almost two hours travelling north over Kueka lake and back only loosing 300 feet and then gaining again. This was one of the most pleasant flights of my life.


The Scott Wise Report

Friday, June 3, 2011

Well, a whole lot of pilots had a good time flying yesterday at H-Port. Among the pilots present were Canadians Bob Grant and Patrick O'Donnell, Bill Vickery, Jeff Ingersoll, Jim Kolynich, Ed Jowett, Myself, Moritz Wagner and Matt Calladine. The wind was a bit on the high side around the noon time frame, but gung-ho Bill V decided to go for it (not sure of his launch time). He was considering a possible XC flight. I got up to launch around 3:30 pm and Bill was still in the air at the time - not too high though. Within about half an hour of arriving it seemed that Bill had gotten flushed to the church LZ. But he had gotten pretty high earlier in his flight, and upon arriving back up top from the LZ reported that the air, while a bit swift, hadn't been particularly rough or rowdy. Around 5 pm a number of already set up pilots, began seeing conditions that looked comfortable. Bob Grant volunteered to go first. He took off and got above launch pretty quickly. But the lift did look a bit variable. This became evident when Moritz, launching next, failed to gain anything after launch and had a short flight to the church LZ. But it seemed like Moritz may have been the victim of bad timing since Bob G, also losing some altitude at this time, regained to over launch and continued to soar and thermal and gain out. As I recall, Ed Jowett was the next to launch, then it was my turn. I launched at 5:49 pm. The wind was still a bit breezy, but not too bad. One thing is for sure, the upper launch needs a good trim. I turned right after launch as that seemed to be where Bob and Ed were circling and gaining. In deed, there was some good lift in the bowl to the north of launch. And that was the case on multiple occasions during my flight. As I flew, one after another of the rest of the pilots launched and joined our squadron. It would be nice to hear about their flights. As for me, I landed at 6:29 with 40 minutes air time. My max altitude was 3,629 ft MSL (2,529 above valley level and 1,779 ATO). Just before deciding to land a cycle had dropped me to just above my cut off point for shooting a top landing so I decided to take her down. The top LZ has just been very roughly ploughed and thankfully I had a powder puff stand up landing among the large over turned clods of dirt and turf. Walking the glider off the field was a harder work out than flying! Ed Jowett had preceded me into the LZ and next in after me was Jim K, then Patrick O, and then Bob G. Patrick could have used a bit more speed and/or a firmer flair, as he kind of belly flopped on landing. As far as I know, Jeff Ingersoll and Bill Vickery were the last HG pilots remaining in the air and were (minimal) ridge soaring for a good long while after many of us landed. I think, however, that they had to land in the valley as a result. Finally, Matt C launched his PG at the end of the day and himself soared the ridge for a nice while. So 9 pilots showed up and got some air time. Nearly everyone got to fly as long as they wanted. Good day!

S C Wise

Photos Below

First The Work Party

Rick Brown and Matt Calladine

Jimmy Kolynich and Patrick O'Donnell


Tim Alimossy

Bob and Jim








Tim Alimossy


Now Some Flying

Photos by Maureen Grant, Scott Wise and Chris Turner

Jeff Ingersoll

Skydog Bob's Take-Off




Brian Vogel


Matt Installs new Windsock

Ed Jowett


Karl and Matt

Scott, Karl and Matt


Ed Jowett



Bob and Oded


Set up

Chris Turner - Photographer




Rick with Traction Kite

Karl and Katrin


Katrin Helps 5


Scott Wise



Scott and Lobie Dog




Scott on Top ?





Patrick and Maureen

Patrick and Bob - Breakfast


Patrick is Off


Wow What a Day





Rick Brown and Paul Senger


Paul Senger


Oded and ?





Rick Brown





Scott Wise and Ed Jowett


Brian Vogel




Bob and Oded

Rick Brown and Ed Jowett


Ed Lands on Top

Bob, Oded and Maureen


Skydog Report

Indian Cliffs May 10, 2011

We drove Tuesday evening and woke Wednesday morning to Sunny skies so Off to Indian Cliffs we went. Rocco from Toronto, Patrick and I arrived at 11:30 am and set up our gliders. Patrick went of first at one pm and immediately gained to 400 feet above take off so I got ready and followed fifteen minutes later and worked my way up to Patrick above to finally get up to 2,970 feet above take off. Patrick made it up to 2,200 feet and Rocco got off and made it well above. I stayed aloft for three hours and 18 minutes while Patrick took two flights totalling two and one half hours and Rocco lasted about a half hour. Around four o'clock Bill Vickery joined me and then Ed Jowett and a few others took advantage of the wonder wind.

Otisco May 11, 2011

Wednesday morning the three of us stopped by Scott Wise's house and we decided to travel to near Syracuse as the wind was supposed to be easterly and by the time we got there George Adams informed us that the wind was NE so we should try Otisco rather than Bear Mt. George showed us the way to the take off and we hurried our set up as it was after 3 pm and I got off first and lasted only eighteen minute and Patrick got the best flight of the day with 35 minutes and a grand above while Rocco also did well. Scott got off in a sink cycle and landed below take off. It was good to fly a new site for us and thanks to George for showing us around.

Photos Below

Ron Kitridge - Indian Cliffs


Five PM Soaring - The Cliffs

Ron on Approach


Patrick Flaring In


Patrick O'Donnell on Approach 1 Hour - 35 Minutes

Otisco Set-Up


George Adams Takes Us To The Otisco Take-Off


"The Ramp"

Scott Wise Contemplating Flight


Skydog Soaring

Skydog Ready to Fly


Just After Take-Off

Gliders Set Up


Skydog - Only 18 Minutes

Patrick - 35 Minutes


Rocco After 25 Minutes at Otisco

Rocco Sets Up


Scott Ready For Take-Off


Skydog Cruising


Patrick After 35 Minutes


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