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 November 2021

Four Amigos

Oded Kalir, Moritz Wagner, Skydog and Jimmy Kolynich


The Skydog Report

Here is our first adventure South to Hang Glide at Wallaby Ranch since the border re-opened due to Covid 19. We drove from Rochester all of Thursday evening straight though arriving at 5 pm Friday November 12th.

Saturday morning we set up our gliders and took warm up flights as we hadn't frown much up north his year. There wasn't much lift on Saturday but we enjoyed getting into the air again. My airtime 18 and 16 minutes.

Sunday Oded set up his new Atos VR and took a morning flight to test it out ad was amazed a the beautiful way that it flew. In the afternoon we all tried for some lift and Oded set the record for the day with one hour and six minutes. I was lucky to get 46 minutes as there were only small thermals and even Oded only got up to 2,800 feet ATO. We're looking forward to stronger lift in the coming days.

Monday and another light day and I log 20 minutes as most of us did. Blue sky no thermals. Monday evening Oded drove to Dunedin near Tampa and I played Ukulele with my friends from Dunedin Ukes. Great fun evening. Thanks Y'all.

Tuesday and another blue sky day but today Moritz gets 32 minutes and Oded get's 46 minutes and Jimmy get's the best flight with 53 minutes and up to 3,780 feet. Oded was close to that height also. I had my two sledders one 15 minutes and the last one 20 minutes. Wednesday looks possibly better so I am hoping for more lift.

Wednesday November 17th and finally some cumulous clouds. Oded takes off first and doesn't find the lift, I get off second and get lucky finding a core over the warehouses and I work it back over the Ranch and then it starts getting weaker and I get down to 800 feet ato and find a core just above the launch area and I take it back up to 3,550 feet. After a while I was getting low again and land with a flight time of 1 hour and 5 minutes. Jimmy takes off after me and has a good flight of one hour and four minutes and up to 4,072 feet breaking our record for this weak week. Ha Ha! Oded and I take a second tows but only survive for 24 minutes each. Moritz flew home Wednesday morning missing some good lift here at Wallaby Ranch today. The next few days look cloudy  and we are flying home on Saturday.


Photos Below

Oded VR Thermalling



The Skydog Report

Oded Flies Wallaby in December.

December 4, 2021 and 14 gliders flying clear blue sky today. Tommy Nejame, Pete Pfifer, Rick Bremer and Oded flying the Atos Gliders. Light thermals up to 3 grand.

December 6th Oded and Tommy had the sky to themselves. Oded gets up to 4,200 feet ato and lands with one hour and 20 minutes. Tommy flew for two hours and went Xc and back to Wallaby. Lift was 600 fpm so a good day.

December 7th Oded reports that Today was a late start due to fog.
7 gliders ready to go by 2 pm. I was the last one and had a half hour 3500 ato. Really weak day and low clouds.
The guy that took off early had at least 2 hours. I re-launched and had an hour at 3,500. Good but could be better. A few had re-launched .
Also had nice flights on a sailplane in the morning.

December 9th Oded had two half hour flights. Very soft low clouds. Tommy did great 2 hours. Moritz had one halfhour flight today. Nothing great to report. 84 Degrees and sunny.

December 10th and Everyone had a tank full today. Over 2 hours to 4000 ft. Tommy went to quest and back. Rick Bremer landed at dusk as usual.

December 12th Oded reports that we started too early... we launched at 2 pm and other than Tommy all sank out. Bummer.
It was better later but nobody was motivated to go again.

December 14th Oded had 2 hours. Cloudbase was 3,600. It was difficult to stay up earlier then got realy good. The same story everyday in the last two weeks. Tuesday doesn't looks promising. Flying home Tomorrow. Be back soon. Oded


Photos Below


Oded Roll Out. Laurie Croft's niece Onie helps.


Oded Lifts Off


Oded on Tow


Skydog Ready to Launch




Skydog Getting a Lift From the Tug


Skydog Being Towed


Skydog On Landing Approach



Tim - Tow Pilot


Tandem Towing


Morning Tandem with Malcolm Jones


Tandem on Approach


Oded Flies VR Video


Oded With His New Atos VR


Oded Setting Up His New Atos VR

Oded Ready For Take Off


Oded VR Launching


Oded VR Ready To Release


Sandhill Cranes Enjoying the Sunny Morning





Mating Dancer


Oded on Atos VR


Oded VR Thermalling


Oded on Approach

Oded Lands Video Soon


Oded Kalir and Jimmy Kolynich


Skydog Bob and Oded With Atos VR


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