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 December 2019

The Skydog Report

Tuesday November 19. 2019 and I am not with my flying buddies this time as we have some appointments to stay home for.

Oded, Jimmy and Moritz make the trip to Wallaby from Rochester NY. Tuesday they get airborne. Oded takes a morning Test flight on his new Atos VQ Race and really likes it. Oded says it goes 60 mph with little bar pressure. Wind is to strong for afternoon flights. Wednesday Nov. 20 and Jimmy gets a half hour flight in light conditions while Oded and Moritz take sledders.

Friday Nov. 22 Oded picks up his honey Dana at the airport and when they arrive back at Wallaby Jimmy is at base with many others for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Moritz and Oded took flights after lunch and got up to 4,500 feet along with Al Sasser. Jimmy went up to 5 grand and lasted 3 hours while Oded did 1 hour and 22 minutes.

Saturday Nov. 23 rd the boys flew 1 hour and 45 minutes and Oded flew to past Walmart and back loving his new glider.

Sunday the 24th Oded had 1hour and 35 minutes to 4,600 feet ato. Windy the next days and they are flying home.

Friday December 6, 2019 and Oded and Moritz are at Wallaby again and they are to late to fly Friday but they saw Tommy Nejame landing after his flight to Willowtree then to Polk City and back to Wallaby so a good day for Tommy.

Saturday December 7, 2019  Oded logged an hour while Tommy Nejame and Pete Pfeiffer had two hours  with a cloud base of only 3 grand.

Sunday December 8, 2019 Oded had to land out on his way to Willowtree flight park. Looked like a pretty day.

Monday December 9, 2019 Oded and Moritz had extended sledders while Tommy lasted for one hour.

Tuesday December 10, 2019  Oded, Tommy and Pete had 50 minute flights in light lift up to 3,300 feet and Wednesday they are flying home..

Photos Below

Oded With His New Glider Atos VQ Race


Take Off


Oded Being Towed


Moritz Wagner and Oded Kalir






Oded On Approach


Oded Landing




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