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Florida Trip

 January & February, 2018

The Skydog Report

 Oded and Moritz head to Wallaby Ranch for some flying fun.

Moritz tried a week January 20 and did not fly as it was too windy.

January 29 Oded and Dana drive to Florida for some birding and Oded gets to fly. Oded tells me that Marc Vinerab has a new Atos VQ Race at Wallaby and Marc really likes it. Dana got lots of bird photos this trip and she is flying home and Oded will stay and try to get some airtime. February 8th Rich Bremmer flew for forty minutes under a 2,500 foot cloud base and finally the wind picked up and Rick landed in windy conditions. February 12th Oded goes for a nice ride with Tommy Nejame in his experimental aircraft. After Oded's morning aircraft flight he got his Atos VQ out and had a nice three hour and six minute flight up to 4,500 feet ato. Rich Bremer and a pilot from Texas also had nice flights in the light lift.

February 13, Oded gets a two hour flight up to 4,700 feet ato and Pete Kneble and Rick Bremer also have good flights.

February 14 th and a low cloudbase day again and Oded sticks for 2-1/2 hors up to 3,200 feet.

February 15th and Oded has a great day in the air for two hours and went XC landing at Quest Air. Oded takes a 4 pm tow at Quest and makes it back to Wallaby at 6:42 pm landing just after Rick Bremmer who had an incredible four and a half hour flight. On Oded's flight he got up to 5,000 ato and did a nine mile final glide from 4,000 feet and still had 1,500 ft. when he arrived at Wallaby Ranch. Wow! what a Great Day.

February 16 th too windy for Oded but Mike Barber and a few others had good flights. Ode was feeling full of airtime and took a break. The next two day are too windy.

February 18, and Oded is off to the races in the sky again. Oded takes a one hour and twenty minute early flight up to 5,500 feet ato. Oded takes a flight after lunch at 4 pm and it is a sledder and Rick Bremer sticks for four hours and about ten pilots getting one hour flights today. Mikey Barber had a great flight to Quest and back. Oded went 10 miles and back and did not feel confident in the lift.

February 20, 2018 and Oded has returned home and will head to Wallaby again in early March and Maureen and I will also go then. Oded will be competing in the Quest Green Swap Challenge March 18th for a week.


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