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Sunday April 3rd 2016 and I have been Flying at Wallaby Ranch but took time out during the week to film some action at the competition at Quest Air. I really enjoy meeting and visiting with the many wonderful people in our community of Hang Glider pilots from all over the world and I have a hard time remembering all of your names and I would like to add your names to the photos below so if any of you would like to send me the information to caskydog at replace the at with a @, I will be happy to add it below. Daily Reports are available on the Oz Report by Davis Straub,

Photos Below


The First Pilots Meeting - Sunday Morning

Belinda Boulter - Comp Organizer

Davis Straub - Right


Larry Bunner - Tom Lanning and Davis Straub

Larry Demonstrates Technique


Niki Longshore - Front

Michelle - Front


Larry Points Out a Turnpoint

Task Board


G\\Ken Kinzie and Gregg Dineaur

Johnny Thompson

Let's Fly

Jamie McGuire of Pennsylvania Flying With The Comp Pilots and Monday Over Seminole Soaring


Niki Longshore

Johnny Thompson's Puppy


Johnny Thompson

Mick Howard


Setting Up



David Lopez - Right





Katie Glover With Puppers Kayla and Dixie



Mark Bourbonnais

Mark, Steve, Jimmy and Kenny


West Launch


John Maloney

Mike Duffy


Davis Straub


Nick Jones

Greg Sessa


Alex Skyride








Kate - Tug Pilot - Right and Friend

Kate and Soyara




Kenny Kinzie

Davis Straub


Mick Howard

The Gang  #11





Owen McDermott - Windsor, Canada






Larry Bunner

West Launch


Tom Niblock, Brian Ridder and Larry Faringa


Pretty T-2-C




Alan and Skydog Bob


Kenny Kinzie

Kelly Myrkle



Dan Lukaszewicz



Jimmy, Kenny and Mark


Mark Looking After Business

Brian Ridder - Fort Wayne Indiana



?? Kate, Tom and Tony


Larry Faringa






Katie Glover - Jon Thompson's Daughter -          "Wonderful Smile"

Niki and Tony


Serena and David Lopez



Spinner Towing "The Gang"

Spinner and Tony


Owen McDermott and Willie VanCaulert - Canada


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