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Lookout Mountain February 7, 2016


The Skydog Report

We leave for Florida on Saturday morning February 6, 2016 at 6 am and arrive at Lookout Mountain flight park near 10:30 in the evening and Sunday morning we wake to a sunny day at 40 degrees F. Patrick, Maureen and I go to Trenton for breakfast and get Patrick back to the take-off by eleven am. Patrick sets up along with a dozen other pilots and the wind is coming in nicely at 10 mph. A few pilots take off by noon and some sink out but finally around 12:45 some stick and get up to about 1,200 feet way out in the valley in front and to the left of launch. Patrick O'Donnell is ready to go with his Sport II and gets his left wing lifted on his take off run and the right tip drags on the cement ramp but Patrick pulls it off and gets the glider straightened out and he gets into lift not to far out and soon is above take off and from now on we are going to call Patrick the "Lookout Drag Queen". Now there are six gliders in the air and Patrick works his way to the top at 2,800 feet above take off and gets one and one half hours airtime. Maureen and I take photos and video for a while and soon we take off to Cloudland Canyon which is just seven miles down the road. We climb down to the bottom of the canyon which is likely a thousand feet and take some photos and then walk back up to the top and away we go to the landing area where Patrick has landed and is all packed up and waiting for us. We load up and head toward Florida. Monday afternoon we arrive at Wallaby Ranch and move into Prior's hooch and get organized. The forecast says windy until Thursday when we plan to make our first attempts to fly.

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Seven Minute Movie Here


Dangerous Tip Drag Here

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Patrick's Sport II







Patrick O'Donnell


Tim Bush

JC Goodwin


Tim Bush and ?





Pablo In the Tug


Straight In




















Family Time Spectators















Tim Bush




Patrick Taking Off Crooked


Patrick Lookout Drag Queen




Patrick Thermalling



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