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 Wallaby Ranch April 3rd Thru April 16, 2016

Skydog Bob by Tom Niblick


Video Interviews by JK


The Skydog Report

Sunday April 3, 2016 and the wind is still blowing as it has for the past week but the good news is that it will likely lay down later today and Monday looks fantastic. Oded and his brother picked me up at the airport Saturday at 5 pm and we came to Wallaby Ranch for a great dinner and party with a super night of live music. I am going to drive to Quest this morning to see what's happening on the first day of the Green Swap Challenge 2016. I did some video of the first challenge meeting and headed back to Wallaby and set up my T-2C and at 4 pm the wind had slowed enough that five of us flew and I had a 1 hour and 33 minute flight up to 4,481 feet ato or 4,639 above sea level. The sky was streaked with high clouds but the lift was good especially over the warehouses. That one black roof seemed to be generating good lift and I stayed over there for more that an hour. Steve Martin from Ohio flew his new Moyes Gecko for the first time and had a great flight. The others tried their luck over the orange groves but I lasted longest and landed close to six pm. We will be reading the Oz Report to see how they did at Quest today.

Pics Below

Green Swamp Challenge 2016

Setting up


Oded Tries His New Harness


The Skydog Report

Monday April 4, 2016 - and it is a really nice day with blue skies and light winds. The morning tandems go off well and by1 pm. The afternoon crowd get in line and Fay Barber tows me up to 2 grand and I stick with it for 22 minutes and land. I get back in line and try again with similar result only this time I catch a good thermal and take it up to 3 grand but after the lift slowed I was not able to catch anther one and landed after 25 minutes. Now it is lunch break so four of us wait and at 4 pm Rick Bremer gets off first and then Fay tows me up to 2,200 feet and I et off into a nice lifty area and get up to just over 3,500 feet. Mike Barber is up next and I thermal with Mike for a few minutes as he leaves me at 3,500 and gets much higher. I see Rick over the warehouses so I head over that way and on the way I bump into good lift and take it up to 5, 295 feet ato and Rick is with me over the cloverleaf at hyw.4 and 27. I have to get down by 5:30 so that I can pick Jimmy Kolynich up at Sanford airport so I screw it down and land while there are five gliders over 3,00 feet. This third flight of the day lasted 1 hour and 35 minutes. When I was landing I noticed Mick Robson coming in for a landing just ahead of me and we both had nice landings. I think that John Alden from Ohio had the longest flight of the day at 3 hours. I tied my glider down and off to Sanford only to find that Jimmy's flight was over an hour late. We got back to the Ranch by 10 pm and we will fly Tuesday if the forecast holds.

Photos Below

Ellert Vigfusson from Iceland and my Brother Gavin Grant Ride to Wallaby From Claremont Florida

Gavin Ready To Go Hang Gliding


Ellert and Gavin Bikes and Glider


Beside our Hooch


John Russell - California Pilot

Steve Martin and John Alden - Ohio Pilots


John Takes Off


Bob Shoots





Mike Barber and Mick Robson


New Solo Pilot


Malcolm Takes Another Student



Laurie Croft Welcomes Another Pilot


Eric Paulson Coaches Beth Haskell


John Russell on Approach


The Skydog Report

Tuesday April 5, 2016 - and it is to windy in the morning for tandems but at 2 pm the wind is slacking off so away we go. Mike Barber is flying with Ken Martin and there are another five pilots ready to go. Rick Bremer gets into the air first and I get towed up next and Fay Barber takes me to a good one and I soon am at four grand on a blue sky day. Soon Mike is close by and we turn together for a bit and then Mike is gone. I work some nice lift as I drift toward the cloverleaf and get up to 5,300 feet and just then I see three gliders streaking across the sky just above me going south and one other poor straggler way below them trying to follow and I watch as the lower glider sinks out. Turns out that pilots streaking by are in the Green Swamp Challenge coming from Quest air and they make it to Avon airport which is likely a seventy mile trip from Quest. Next thing I know Rick Bremer is just to the east of the cloverleaf so I join Rick as we work together for maybe fifteen minutes at just over six grand. I work to the north almost to the warehouses and catch some good lift that finally takes me to 7,057 feet ato or 7,184 MSL. I had made dinner plans with my Youngest (52) athlete brother Gavin Grant for six pm so I had to be down by 4:45 to make it to Claremont on time so I screwed down from over five grand and it was tough getting down but I finally made it and ten seconds after I landed Gavin rang my cell phone asking if I was coming so I raced to tie the T-2-C down and get on the road. My flight was 2 hours and 7 minutes. After I had left Jimmy Kolynich took a flight at 6 pm and Jimmy got an hours airtime on his Ato VRS. I later talked to Mike Barber and he said that Ken and him made to Avon as well as lots of the competition pilots. Dinner was great by the way and the visit too. Gavin and Kelly are great hosts.

Photos Below

Aric Paulson Coaching Beth Haskell


Jamie McGuire Flying Over Seminole Lake Glider Port With The Green Swamp Group

on Their Way To Avon


Malcolm and Tandem Student


Beth and Jim

Jamie McGuire


Aric and Beth


Jamie's Travelling Toys




The Skydog Report

Wednesday April 6, 2016 - and my brother Gavin says let's go barefooting on Lake Minneola at 9 am and we did with Chris Brancato a friend of Gavin's. The three of us had some good runs although I took three tries before I made a long run. I left Claremont and stopped by Quest to get a few shots of the comp pilots and then on my way back to Wallaby to fly. When I got there at one pm no one was excited about flying as it was 15 mph on the ground but around 2 pm I got Jimmy to take a flight with me and Fay Barber towed us and we did not stick and I only stayed for 21 minutes. We took a second flight at 4:30 and I had another short ride of 24 minutes while Jimmy stuck it out for 42 minutes. The comp pilots at Quest had a hard time staying up also. Looks like the next two day may be windy so maybe the Sun N Fun could be of interest. My fellow pilots from Cloud 9 Michigan will be joining us this weekend for the upcoming Wills Wing Demo Days here at Wallaby Ranch.


The Skydog Report

Saturday April 9, 2016 - starts out too windy for tandem flights in the morning and by 4 pm the wind slows to ten mph and we get in line to be towed. Fay Barber and Chris Mangels are the tow pilots for the day and Steve Martin is off first and I get off third with a group of ten pilots behind me. My flying buddies from Cloud 9 Michigan are here now and anxious to get into the air. Fay tows me all around and at 2,500 feet throws her hand up as if there is no lift to be found so I pin off. After searching for two minutes and getting down to 1,500 feet I find  good lift close to the warehouses and work my way up to 3 grand near the cloverleaf at 4 and 27. I found a line just west of the warehouses that seemed to be bubbling quite nicely so I worked it back and forth getting up to over 4 grand. Tom Niblick from Indiana joined me above the cloverleaf and we flew together for a half hour as he was shooting video from his new motorized camera mount which he manufactures. Tom has some good shots and I will try to get them on Youtube real soon. Trevor Glidersleeve flew twice enjoying the warm Florida temps. Jimmy Kolynich joined me on his Atos VRS and he was also filming and at the end of the day Jimmy was last to land with a 2-1/2 hour flight. John Alden was hard to keep up to on his U-2. Rick Bremer had a real nice flight on his Atos VQ also landing late in the day. Mick Robson had his sailplane up with us also. I think that most everyone got up to 4,500 feet or more. My flight was 2 hours and 32 minutes and up to 4,747 feet ato on a blue sky day. Pilots are starting to come in for Wills Wing Demo Days which starts Wednesday. I would like to be able to mention all of the pilots that flew today but my memory is not that good so if you want to help, please do.

Photos Below

Tom Niblick Capture


The James Kolynich Report

Saturday, April 9 was the first good flying day since Tuesday. It was crystal clear, 83 degrees With a North wind @ 10 to 15 mph which subsided about 2-3 Pm. Pilots from Indiana, Ohio, and of course the locals started to push their craft towards the Oak Tree for take off. Fay Barber and Chris Mangle started yanking everyone up at 3:45 PM. Bob Grant was the 3rd one off into the blue sky. I followed the Exxtacy up. The tow was a bit bumpy but not bad in the VRS. Started with light small thermals which became stronger and Bigger as the day progressed. Started to pimp off the blue carbon dragon (Rick Mullen) flying to the north over the trees. Boy that has a nice sink rate! Got low down to 900 feet over the ranch an hour into the flight when I caught a bubble that took me to 4.6K with two flex wings and Tom Niblick's Exxtacy. The last hour off the flight I thermalled with Bob Grant in his T2C, another flex wing And Rick Bremer in his new ATOS VQ over congested Route 4 that runs east west 3 miles South of the Ranch. The wind drift only seemed to be 10 mph with minimal sink about 6 PM. Wanted some self time so I released the flaps and glided @ 40 mph. To a Huge yellow sand Construction site by the warehouses on route 27. Then just like magic Boom up I go again with The blue carbon dragon and the VQ. The lift started to weaken about 6:30 PM as I waited for the flexes, carbon dragons, and VQ to land as I flew my aircraft approach and touched down at 6:50 PM for a smooth landing. Rick Bremer in the VQ was up for 2 hrs and 45 minutes. Bob Grant got 2 hrs and 32 mins, And JK followed with 2 hrs and 30 mins. We finished the day with a great dinner with the awards ceremony for the "Green Swamp Classic" at the Red Wing restaurant near Quest. The meet was won by Niki Longshore.
The first female pilot to win a major meet in the US since 1993.

Photos Below

Eric and Rob


Malcolm and Student

Jean Martin Welker - Switzerland


Jean Martin

Malcolm and Student


Jean Martin

Jean Martin


Sky High

Jean Martin


Jean Martin

Malcolm and Student Landing


Jean Martin


Tom Shoots

Bob -T-2-C


Jean Martin - Good One


Bob Sees a Glider in the Distance

Jamie Looking Up at Other Gliders


The Skydog Report

Sunday April 10, 2016 and the morning tandems are off at 8 am along with a few solo pilots. Jean Martin Welker from Switzerland takes a practice flight and the wind is letting him park at altitude. We wait while the wind blows with gusts up to 20 mph and finally at 4 pm we hustle out to the west launch as the wind appears to be slowing to around 12 mph. I get off first and it seems just OK with some bumpy times on tow. Fay drops me off at 2,200 feet and I bump into good lift near the warehouses that takes me up to four grand. while cruising around searching for more I see Steve Martin on his new Moyes Gecko and it looks like he is at base at 6 grand so I work under him and catch up and we stay together for a while. Tom Lanning is here now after a week at the Green Swamp Klassic. There must be fifteen or more pilots here now looking forward to the Wills Wing Demo Days. Brian Deimling came in from Michigan today and that makes six pilots from Cloud 9 invading Wallaby Ranch. Jimmy Kolynich has a 2-1/2 hour flight landing last at 7:08 pm. Most everyone got up to 6 grand today so although we started later in the afternoon the day really turned on. My flight today was 1 hour and 35 minutes and up to 6,154 feet ato. and I did a round trip leaving from the warehouses and running up north to Sand mine road over the Publix store and the west over the sand mines and then south to past Hyw. 4 and then over to the cloverleaf at 4 and 27 always staying above 3 grand but then when I headed back to the ranch I was down to a grand and finally landed. At 500 feet Tom Niblick and I were doling it out and Tom caught a goo thermal that he took to 3,500 feet. Great flight Tom.

Pics Below

Glider Below

Dragonfly after Release


Bob and Tom


The James Kolynich Report

Monday April 11, 2016

Another Sunny warm day in Florida. The sky started out blue but small cummies started in the early Afternoon which became mega monsters by 4:45. Bob Grant was off the cart at 4:07 followed by
FLexies. Rick Mullen had the narliest tow in his Carbon Dragon.
Fay towed me up about 4:43pm. She dropped me off in a nice one upwind over the warehouses. Thermalled with Tom Lanning to about 5.7K under a large spread out dark cumulus cloud. Chased the multitude of flex wings and one Exxtacy as I saw them climbing in the thermal Cores. I would let off on the flaps and zoom 40 mph to the climbing gaggle. Bob spent some Time over the cloverleaf area and landed as he lost lift after one hour and 45 mins. I estimate the winds aloft to be about 12-14 mph with a lot of buoyant air if you ran from the sink. Had a great time downwind in back of the orange groves with 3 flex wing pilots which included
John Alden. Followed Tom Lanning upwind to a wide dark cloud he was trying to keep out of. It wasn't as nice to me. Continued upwind to the warehouses and watched Tom L. cruise North
Up Route 27 and back without finding any lift. Last part of the flight involved catching light end of the day thermals downwind with King posted FLexies John Alden. We would top out about 3K over the sand pits and work our way upwind toward the Ranch repeatedly until he went in for a good flared landing by the parking lot. I milked each bit of lift until about 1000 feet as I cruised around the ranch perimeter landing just past the driveway by the set area at 7:09 PM. Total time was 2 hrs and 25 minutes. Max altitude was 6049' AGL. A very good day indeed.


Pics Below

Jamie McGuire Launching


Jamie Circling Down Over Wallaby Ranch

Blue Sky Day - Lots of Lift


Jimmy Thermals with Skydog Bob



Jamie Shoots Photo


The Skydog Report

Monday April 11, 2016 and I am off to barefoot with brother Gavin again. Back at the Ranch by 1 pm and there are at least twenty gliders set up and by 2:30 a line is forming so I get out there seventh in line. The first pilots to take off appear to be doing well and up to four grand or so. When I finally get off of tow I don't hear a beep and land 17 minutes while some other are still high so I go again and this time the sky is 90% cloud covered and I have a 14 minute bomb out. OK so now it is after 4:30 and lunch is over so I go again and now the sky is looking good but I again don't get a beep and land after 17 minutes. I see four gliders high in the sky and wonder hat I am doing wrong. Maybe I should have turned the sound on so that I could hear it. (Only Kidding) So now it is 6:30 and Jimmy is landing after a real nice 2-1/2 hour flight up to 4,625 feet ato. I am bummed with my performance and hope to shape up Tuesday.

Pics Below

Jamie Thermalling With Green Swamp Klassic Comp Pilots on His Way To Wallaby Ranch from Quest


Jamie Landing


The James Kolynich Report

Monday April 11, 2016

T minus two days until Wills Wing demo days!
Many more pilots here today. Coming in from all over the United Stares, Canada, and Europe. Pilots started pushing out about 2 PM watching the sky fill up with nice cumulus clouds. First glider off at 2:30. A couple stuck under a large dark cloud over the orange groves but most Settled back down to earth. Lift seemed more consistent about 3:30 with more gliders staying up. Got under Tom Niblick and his Exxtacy but could not climb up to him at cloud base at 4.7K. The middle of the flight was blur since I was just working any lift, speeding to thermaling gliders, and upwind cumulus clouds. Most of the gliders were down by 5 PM. If you were high, you stayed high. Wind picked to 15 mph as the sea breeze kicked in a bit later. Most of the time I Was over the sand pits running upwind at 38 mph to the next cumulus cloud near route 27. Coming into land about 5:50 PM down to 900 feet over the Ranch I catch a nice one thanks to some turkey vultures coming up over the center Island. Took that one up to 3.5K.
Floated down in the strong East Sea breeze landing in a sudden cross wind by the set up area. Total airtime 2hrs and 33 mins. Topped out at 4625' ATO near cloud base. That's all for now. JK


The Skydog Report

Tuesday April 12, 2016 and the Wills Wing Demo gliders are here with the Wills Wing team so lots of gliders being set up. Lots of morning tandems and by 1 pm a line is forming at the driveway north end. I get off about third and immediately after Paul Harrison tows me to 1,700 feet I get a good one and take it to 4,500 feet ato. Well, I am delighted as my performance yesterday was dismal. I had my radio on as I thought that I might go XC and I had contact with Jason Williams and Tyson Richmond but I chickened out after looking around so I radioed Jason to say that I would not follow them. I moved upwind into the blue and the next thing I saw was nine gliders circling up so I dove in under them at 3 grand and soon I am on top at base again. Everyone spreads out and I take a run to the cloverleaf not finding as good lift as I had left so I came back to the warehouses and got into a good one again staying over four grand and sometimes drifting up into the mist at 4,650 feet. I spent the rest of my 3 hour and 12 minute flight jumping from one cloud to another staying within range of the Ranch. Brian Deimling from Michigan flew to Quest Air along with Niki Longshore. Jimmy Kolynich flew to Hyw, 33 and Dean Still and flew back to the Ranch. There must have been 30 gliders in the air at times and it was a wonderful day with lots of cummies. I am hoping that JK will do a report as he is stoked.


The James Kolynich Report

Tuesday April 12, 2016

Tuesday was forecasted to be good XC day for the central Florida area with 500 foot per minute Lift and top of the lift 5-7 K. Beautiful cumulus clouds started about 11AM with first gliders off at noon. They didn't seem to start staying up until 1PM under a large flat cumulus cloud directly over the Ranch. Off they went to Quest in a group. The skies were fill with flat white clouds.
I was fiddling with a new camera mount on the glider so I didn't Take off until 2:12 the last one to go and Chris Mangle took me shy of 2K into a boomer. In a few seconds I had 3 flexes and an ATOS With a pod, wheels and engine below me. Mikey Barber was leading a few pilots on an XC expedition and he as getting gassed up for the trip up to Quest. I followed them on their way west down Dean Still Road. Lift was good but only topped out at 4.7K. We started to get low and returned to the Ranch to fill up the tank. We headed again only to return back to home base. Then Mike and I headed our for the 3rd time almost reaching the new roundabout at the intersection of Route 33 North. We were at 4.5 K when Mikey zoomed back to the Ranch For lunch. It was very hazy and he could not see the clouds ahead and thought the sea breeze as coming in. I only lost 1.5 K on the 7.7 mile glide back home. Landed with a time of 2 hrs and three minutes. Bob Grant had 3 hrs and 12 minutes in the air. Niki Longshore and Brian Deimling made it to Quest. Mick Howard flew from Wallaby to Quest And back landing about 5 PM. Zac Majors flew to the Seminole glider port and back getting down to 200' ft above the sand pits near Wallaby. He was flying a see through U2. Mark Bourbonnais And Ken Kenzie flew in from Quest taking about 3 hours to do so. Rick Bremmer stayed up 5 hours landing about 6:30 PM. A doable day for sure. But not the best.

Pics Below



Paul Harrison





Jim Van

Jean Martin Welker








Michigan Pilots Camping Area



John Russell - Orinda, California


Jean Martin



Wills Wing Gliders



Aric and #106

Jean Martin - Right


John Russell



John Russell




Malcolm and Beth

Nick Caci


Jean Martin - Switzerland





The Skydog Report

Wednesday April 13, 2016 and another sunny morning with lots of tandems and Wills Wing Demo flights. These new gliders look spectacular with the clear sails. Thermal pilots start getting into the air after breakfast at 11:30 some with Demo gliders and lots of others also. Steve Pearson was nice enough to test fly my T-2-C and tune it a bit and now it is so sweet. I got in line around 1 pm just at the wrong time as the sky had just overdeveloped and everyone was sinking out and my flight was only 16 minutes. I tried again at 2:30 pm and was able to survive for 33 minutes and got up to 3,400 feet and sunk out again. There were four gliders left in the air and two of them were JK and Rick Bremer on their Atos gliders and then there was Mark Bourbonnais and one other flexie pilot who survived the big shut down. After lunch close to 5 pm a few of us tried again and there was not much lift so I had a 14 minute sledder. JK and Rick Bremer had three hour flights with the top of the lift at 3,700 feet. I think that Mark and the other pilot landed shortly after JK and Rick. Mick Howard flew from Quest Air to Wallaby Ranch and it took 3 hours so slow going but at least he made it. That shows a great deal of persistence and smart flying technique. Jimmy is stoked after five days straight with over 2-1/2 hours each day. He is bouncing off the ceiling with joy.



The James Kolynich Report

Wednesday April 13, 2016

All the gliders are set up and ready to fly in the sunny warm Florida skies. The new carbon fibre king posts and control frames with the dark tinted sails look really cool. The entire Wills Wing gang is here including Steve Pearson, Mike And Linda Meier, Zack Majors, Paul and Ryan Voight from New York. The day began with a slew of instructional and demo tows with three tugs tugging continuously. The sumptuous breakfast was delayed a bit due to all the activity. Cummies stared to form about 10 AM and continued to build until it started to OD later in the Afternoon. First gliders were up at 11:50AM. A large group seemed to hang out about 2K in loose gaggles making large flat turns. This lift culminated in a monster flat bottomed pancake which parked over the Ranch. I was aiming for a 1 PM to go but got delayed when I forgot my helmet which was retrieved by Aric on the Wallaby staff. Ready to T.O. when Oliver assisting with the launch noticed that my parachute was thinking about coming out of the harness. He promptly fixed it on the spot. Finally I was up and out at 1:46 PM and deposited in a nice thermal by Fay Barber. Banking my ATOS, I worked my way up through the FLexies to cloud base about 3.9K. When I wasn't in the lift I was zooming toward turning gliders or the next dark cumulus Cloud. Petty soon just myself, Rick Bremmer in the other ATOS and Mark Bourbonnais in a Wills Wing T2C were left looking for lift in all the right places. We would thermal together then leave to hunt for the increasing and elusive lift as the sky darkened. Then about 3:30 PM the sun came back out which turned the lift switch on. Mark and Rick found one and took it up over the orange grove. I spied a developing cum nimb to the West which prompted me to circle the Ranch perimeter looking to come down in the very buoyant air. The wind suddenly switched to the North and I touched down softly just before 4 PM. Rick then Mark came in 5 to 10 minutes later after spying the same rain cloud to the West. Rick and Mark got about 3 hours air time each. I was lucky to get 2 hrs and 8 minutes due to my late start. Resident pro pilot Mike Barber and comp pilot Mick Howard flew west down Dean Still Road, Then up Route 33 to Quest Air flight park. Mikey said it was slow going. After landing the sky cleared and the late afternoon instructional and demo flights began. I was tired and hot. Parking the glider and putting my gear away, I then went for a refreshing swim in the 6 feet deep pool. Can you visualize a cannonball? Thanks again to the Wallaby Ranch staff for taking care of my equipment problems so Quickly and getting me airborne. Oh, almost forget to tell you about the pizza and beer party with live music which started after Everyone had landed. The rain did not start until the evening. See you tomorrow!

Photos Below

What a Beautiful Day


Lunch Break



Brian Deimling - Michigan


Line Em Up


Laurie, Trevor and Holly

Steve Pearson and John Middleton


Jimmy Nordle

Steve Pearson


Atos Motorized

Take Off


Steve and Danny


Chantelle and Torey Deimling



Morning Skies


Crystal Wolf and Ilya Rivkin

Laurie, Steve and Oliver


Ken and Andy



Majo Gularte

Kimberly Ludwig


Steve Pearson



Steve Pearson


Steve Pearson

Majo Gularte


Motor Atos


Greg and Stephanie

Aric Paulson


Ready for Take Off

John Russell


Pretty Sky



Rose and Rick Mullen


Ilya Rivkin Crystal Wolfe


Steve Pearson


Let's Go



Wallaby Wonderland by John Russell


Wallaby Wonderland by John Russell


The Skydog Report

Thursday April 14, 2016 and another sunny morning but the cumulous are real low so no tandems this morning. The fog lifts around 11 am and a line forms and the Demo gliders get into the air but base is l,500 feet. I take a 11 am flight and Paul tows me a grand above the clouds and I release and fly through the streets. I saw the Glory ring with a shadow of my glider in the centre so went back above the clouds for a better look and it was the most vivid and spectacular one I have ever seen but no camera so no proof. I land after a few wingees and get in line again for a noon flight. Airtime on this flight was 16 minutes up to 3 grand. Paul takes me up again and near the warehouses I find marginal lift and play over there for a bit. After a few other glider are in the air I see someone getting up over the orange groves so I scoot over there under them and screw it up to base which is only 2,500 feet at 12:30 but that's Ok as the clouds should be lifting shortly. I spot Niki turning close by and we fly together for a few minutes. The sky is filled with gliders by 1 pm and JK takes off. By 1 pm the lift is quite consistent and it is pretty easy to stay up but still cloud base is only to 3 grand. Jenn Kelly gets up a bit later and after most of the others have landed it is only Jenn and I thermalling and Jenn is a great spotter so I try going to 4 and 27 and get low on my way back but there Jenn is over The Ranch turning and going up so I get in the lift under her and we take it to the top which by 4 pm is 4,133, well maybe not quite that high as I have slid up the side of a cloud to get to that height. OK so after 4 hours and 13 minutes I have had enough and land and Jenn comes in ten minutes after me for a 3-1/2 hour flight. JK flew for 2 hours and 8 minutes and he had his GoPro on so we will have some Great video as soon as I get around to editing it. The forecast for Thursday was poor with rain by 3 pm but it turned out to be one of the best days of this trip. The rain started around six pm. Tomorrow looks like a wash out.


The James Kolynich Report

Thursday April 14, 2016
Another day in paradise for this New Yorker. Up early. Tugs grounded a bit till the fog clouds Lift. Then it's tow tow tow with 3 tugs going up and up. The threat of rain at 2PM keeps me watchful of the clouds. It's hot and humid again with light and variable winds on the deck but south-easterly flow Above. Up and out at 12:46 with Fay at full throttle and the video rolling a full hour earlier than yesterday. She drops me in a nice one and up I go to 2.9 K cloud base. I'm with 6-7 other flexies Touching the wispies. The Falcon pilots including JJ and Jenn did a great job coring the mother thermal. I start to explore the area upwind but race to the flexies circling in a nice one north of the orange orchards after some waffling in some weak lift. Some of the clouds looked like miniature cumulus nimbus. It was hazy and the thermals seemed a bit sharp edged about 2 PM. I Followed Tom Lanning around a bit and after turning wingtip to wingtip with him and filling up the gas tank. Later I find out later he was trying to find Mr. Sink to land the demo T2 C. Took 20 minutes cruising around waiting for JJ to land when He caught one and took it over Dean Still Road. Cleared for landing, I'm in the pattern for touch down on runway 180 just before 3 PM. Lunch and a nice swim with obligatory cannon ball followed parking the ATOS with the help of Brian Deimling. Air hog Bob lands about 4:10 PM with 4 hrs and 13 minutes total for the flight. And the new pilot Jenn Kelly has a personal best of 3 and a half hours in her WW Falcon! The Monster of all storms with torrential rain and at least 40 mph winds arrives a bit late At 6 PM. No gliders were damaged.

Photos Below

Bill Ready to Take Off

Friday Evening Entertainment

Laurie and Baby

Mike Roberta and Bill



Thursday - "The Entertainers"


Linda and Mike Meier

Greg and Stephanie


Linda and Baby





Lauren Carder and Mitch Lind - The Entertainers


Lauren Carder Plays Wallaby Ranch


The Skydog Report

Saturday April 16, 2016 and Friday was a cloudy day with no flying here and today is cloudy with lots of wind. Lots of visiting Friday and Mike Meier gave a presentation on safety and later in the evening a great meal was served and then Lauren carder entertained us with her vocal and instrumental talents.

Today we will be packing up our equipment and looking forward to the party tonight. JK and I will be driving home Sunday morning. It has been a great two weeks here at Wallaby Ranch.

Photos Below

Lena and Mark Bourbonnais -( Mark, My Canadian Flying Buddy Since 1978)


Mark and Bob Trying Out Mark's New Tandem Harness

Joe Stern From Scotland


A Happy Group Relaxing


Ilya Rivkin and Honey Crystal Wolf

Saturday Evening Party Time

Wallaby Ranch Lights


Oak Hill Drifters


Dusty, Cathy, Dianne and Nick Cutting The Rug


Dianne and Nick


Aric and Denise

Majo and Niki


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