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Tuesday December 6, 2016, I drive to Oded's place in Brockport NY to drop off my glider so that Oded and Moritz Wagner can take it to Florida for me as I will not be going in December this year as we have a new puppy and Finnegan is a handful right now. I expect to head to Wallaby in early January. In the meantime Oded and Moritz will be reporting.

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The Skydog Report

by Oded Kalir and Moritz Wagner

Monday December 12, and Oded sends a report that he and Moritz had pretty good flights today and Oded got up to 3,300 feet at base and was able to stay up for 1 hour and 9 minutes. Moritz had a nice first flight of 40 minutes and Aric Paulson also had a great flight with his usual great landing so a good first day.

 Tuesday December 13 and another good day in paradise. Oded reports that cloudbase today was up to 4 grand and Oded had two flights and his first was 1 hour and 40 minutes up to the wispies a few times and finally found a blue hole that put him on the ground. Oded took a late day flight for forty minutes. Rick Bremer had a 2 hour and 20 minute flight and Captain Mick Robson stayed up for over 3 hours. Moritz had another great day. Sounds like another wonderful day at Wallaby.

Wednesday December 14 and  Another day of lingering fog. By 1.30 we are ready to go. conditions are very light and some pilots had to relight. My flight was 50 minutes and 4,200 ato to cloud base but conditions deteriorated fast and all pilots are soon on the ground.
Finished the day with great Table Tennis at Lake Land.

Moritz adds - I only got 20 minutes Wednesday, very little up, some zero sink stretches. Hoping for a better day Thursday.

Check out Moritz's Videos at - Facebook - Moritz Wagner

Thursday December 15th and it is too windy today so Mick, Moritz an Oded go for a nice bike ride at Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County Florida.

Friday December 16, 2016  At 1 pm. Clouds are forming and  Moritz, myself (Oded)  and one other pilot are in line, ready to tow. Fay Barber dropped me in a nice thermal and soon I'm 4,200 over Wallaby watching Moritz climbing and reaching cloud base as well. For the next hour and a half we where in a cloud street over the swamp maintaining 3500 to 4300. All other pilots took off later and could not get up and ended up landing. Our timing was perfect for a change. I was fooling around with sail plains twice and after 1 hour and 50 minutes the day was over. Good landing on the skids was the grand finale. Went to play Table Tennis but was too tired and played poorly. This was Moritz last flight as he is going back home Saturday.
Tomorrow's forecast looking just as good so stand by for more.

Moritz Reports

Last day flying for me here in Florida. I was hanging out with Oded at cloud-base (4200 ft above ground level) for about an hour and in total I had about a 1 hour 20 minute flight. It was wonderful!

Oded Kalir Report

Saturday December 17 and most of the day was too windy. After 4 pm three of us went up. I had a lot of zero sink but when over the warehouses started to core 100 fpm and went up to 3100 ato. Played the whole flight above the neighbourhoods and warehouses. Had a one hour flight. Not bad when you don't expect much.
Good chance of rain for tomorrow. Christmas party all day Sunday.

Sunday December 18 no flying today but a great party with a live band and lots of great friends.
More later

Monday December 19 and it was great. Two and a half hours airtime, flew to the hospital and back 3,600 over. Cloud base was low but at 12:30 the show started. Four gliders and Mick in his Carbon Dragon where going. After an hour I had the sky to myself. All gliders made cloud base. It was an easy peasy day.

Tuesday and Wednesday - were too cloudy so no flying and Oded packed his Atos ready for his flight home on Thursday. Oded logged ten hours airtime at Wallaby on this visit. We hope to get back to Wallaby in January so Look for us then. Bob


Photos Below

Mick Robson


Oded Takes Off with Aric Paulson in Background


Oded at Cloudbase


Oded and Mick


Moritz and Mick


Fauna On The Trail


Oded Leaves The Cart


Moritz Wagner on His Last Day at Wallaby 2016


Oded Another Take Off


Oded Doing Well Over The Warehouses


Oded Towing November 19, 2016


Oded November 19, 2016


Oded Landing


Oded Packing Up His Atos


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