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 February 7 & 8, 2014

The Florida Ridge


The Skydog Report

Friday We arrive at the Florida Ridge Hang Gliding Center around 10:30 am and the overcast sky is starting to break up so we sign up an get our gliders assembled. Oded takes a familiarization flight at noon amidst the Tandems and Oded has a really nice first flight at the ridge and stays aloft for 25 minutes in the somewhat buoyant air.

After Oded comes down I take a flight and last 18 minutes and then we drive one mile to the Gator Dinner for lunch and it was great. When we come back we film the tandems and then get back into the air and this time conditions had improved substantially and we got to cloud base quickly but after 35 minutes I sink out and take a third flight which was really wonderful and I stayed up for-  1 hour and twenty minutes and Oded and I were at base and above quite often to a max altitude of 3,965 feet. Oded stuck for two hours on his second flight. The turkey vultures were often showing us great thermals and at the end of the day Oded lasted a couple of minutes longer than I did on his Atos VQ.   Wow, it was a beautiful day and we have video to show when I get time to edit it.


The Florida Ridge Video 2014

Photos Below

Skydog Bob Being Towed


Dianne and Chris



Oded Kalir and a Tandem Flight


The Morning Group



 Hawk Flying Close


Landing Over a Lake




Donuts Anyone


Tandem Landing



Oded Being Towed


Ready for Take Off

Oded Kalir Ready for Lift Off



Oded Above Bob


Jenna with Soccer Arm

Dave Tows Oded Into a Beautiful Sky


Pretty Clouds


Oded Lifts Off


The Flock

The Tindle Family


Oded Leaves a Shadow on the Cloud


Towing Tandem

Dianne's Max


Glider with Birds





Patricia Helps Tandems



 Dave - Tug Pilot


So Many Birds



Chloe ready to Go

Oded Landing


Skydog Above The Tandem Glider



Chloe and Jessie


Celina Taking Off


Chloe Lifts Off

Oded on Approach


 Magnificent Clouds


Chloe and Derek

Tandem Set To Go


 Oded on Approach


The Group

Looks Like She Liked It


Tandem Students


Tandem Landing

Student Loved It


Oded's VQ Flies Hands Off


Celina and Boyfriend

Student Landing


Celina and Boyfriend

Patricia Helps Student With Helmet


Photo Shoot

A Happy Student


Tandem Wing Over




Dragonfly Towing Tandem Glider


Celina and Derek Ready For Take Off

Celina Landing


Celina Happy Face

Waiting For A Lift



Celina Tandem Landing


"Oh Ya"



The Skydog Report

Saturday February 08, 2014 and after the big Wallaby party Friday evening we were off to the Ridge again. We arrived at 11:30 and got ready to fly with about ten other solo pilots. Larry Bunner had been at Quest and he thought that the weather looked better at the Ridge so Larry and his brother Rob were getting Larry's Wills Wing T-2C ready so that Larry could do a triangle coarse. Two of the local pilots took off first and then I got towed up and it was bumpy on tow so I expected some decent thermals and I was not disappointed and the thermals were strong and Rasty. (Rough and Nasty) I rode it out and after one hour and seven minutes I was in the landing field and ready for another tow. Dave Derek towed me close to Oded who had taken off just before me and I was able to get up to base pretty easily. I tried to follow Larry Bunner but chickened out after a few minutes. A little later Larry came back and flew with me for a bit, Larry's T-2-C is really pretty with hat clear top sail. Oded lasted for 1 hour and 25 minutes and landed due to bumpy air. I stayed up for 1- hour and 39 minutes on my second flight. A real good day with strong lift.

Photos Below

James Tindle - Dragonfly Tug





 Solo Landing





Tandem Pilot Gets a Big Hug

Ready to Take Off



Lets Go Fly


Flying High





Father and Daughter


Solo Pilot

Solo Pilot Takes Off


Smillie Student

Dennis's Pup


Skydog Glider




Student After a Fun Flight


Happy Faces

Ready To Fly


Solo Pilot

Lift Off


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