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 January 20, 2014


The Skydog Report

We took a flight from Buffalo on January 20, 2014. Our friends Eric and Mary, and Patrick and Polly Joined Maureen and I on my first trip off the mainland USA.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful travel destination with lots of fun for vacationers. We had eight days to do all the things that we had planned. The Villa that we rented on the Caribbean was really nice with two houses and we had two friendly wild dogs visiting us every day. A trip though the rainforest was very interesting and we met a group of eight people from the Dominican Republic who invited us to have a very nice dinner with them on the mountain. The dinner was fantastic. We took a day and took a ferry trip to another island called Vasquez and went to the beach there and snorkelled and had a wonderful day in the sun. Another adventure was horse back riding and it was real nice with a swim along the way. We were lost finding the riding place but a school teacher drove us about ten miles to it. Zip lining through the rain forest was an exciting adventure with eight zip line runs some being a half mile long over the forest. Finding the Zip line location was difficult and we stopped to ask for directions and a local fellow lead us though the mountains for fifteen miles to our destination just in time to get on the Zip line. Oh yes we also went on a kayak trip to  Bio Bay one evening and it is amazing how the water lights up when you move your had or paddle through it. Patrick had arranged for Team Spirit Hang Gliding owner Bob Hastings to take us Hang Gliding and it was another great adventure. The day started off sunny and by the time we drove to the launch site and had the gliders set up it started to rain and that lasted for twenty minutes but then it stopped and the sun came out again and we got into the air for more than an hour and as we were landing sprinkles came along briefly. Bobby Hastings is a soft spoken wonderful person who added to our excitement. Driving thought the mountains was a challenge as our two gps monitors did not work very well so we were lost plenty of times in this tropical paradise. We had lots of great meals some on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. This was a spectacular trip that we all enjoyed very much.


Puerto Rico Video

Photos Below

Bob and The Pooch We Called Princess - She Is So Sweet


Bobby Hastings and Skydog Bob

Bobby, Dan and Patrick


Skydog Takes Off


The Redtail Above Me

Student and Patrick


The View From Our Villa

Redtail Chasing Me


Skydog Flies Mark Vaughn's Fusion


Patrick and Skydog

Polly On Our Beach


Bobby Hastings and Student Ready For Take Off


Bob and Patrick

Hawk Over Bob


Pretty Fusion


Hawks Are Everywhere

Buster and Princess


Bob and Patrick


Patrick and Bob



Bob and Mary McBurney - Pricess on Lap

Redtail Over Me


Maureen and Princess

Eric and Buster


Bobby and Student

Buster Posses


She Is a Beauty

From The Landing Area


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