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October 11, 2013

The Skydog Report

Jeff Curtis Flies Ten Hours

On The East Coast USA

Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Story by Jeff Curtis

Saturday, October 11, 2013

Flying my Wills Wing Sport 2 135 I launched at 7:03:08, landed at 17:06:50 for a grand total of 10:03:42. I made 2 trips to Highland Light, three crossing of Newcomb Hollow, 5 trips to Nauset Light, and 3 crossing of the gap south of Nauset light. From end to end I covered 15.1 miles and in total traveled 200 miles. I tried a round trip speed run from launch, lighthouse to lighthouse and back to launch which took about 1:08, setting up to cross the 2 big gaps to the north took a lot of time. 
My maximum elevation was 479'. Windspeed in the air was about 20mph all day, I had to push out to min sink to keep from advancing over the ocean. I self launched with only a wuffo watching. At one point I counted 23 vehicles in the parking lot with glider racks and I know some of the vehicles brought more than one glider. There were vehicles coming and going all day. I heard some pilots chose not to fly because it was strong on launch. There were sea thermals that did cause some gusting, they formed wispy clouds in streets that scurried low across the sky in the morning. Up high the air was smooth with only minor surges in the lift. Close to the terrain, flying fast there were some larger lumps and bumps. 
I had been first off and my original plan was to land at sunset but while the morning high tide was an hour before sunrise the afternoon high tide was 5 minutes after sunset and 1 foot higher. As the tide came in it started running up on the beach so I decided to land shortly after I was the last pilot in the air. 
It was a fun day and I learned a few things as a result.



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