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Wills Wing Demo Days Wallaby, 2013

Wallaby Ranch

Start Tuesday April 2, 2013

 Bob Grant and Malcolm Jones at "Skydog Report" Wallaby Headquarters


Wills Wing Demo Days Line Up


Carolina and Malcolm

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The Skydog Report

Tuesday, Oded Kalir drives me to the Rochester NY airport for a 11 am flight to Orlando. Well, the flight was a  slow process as the first plane had a mechanical problem and I did not get to Wallaby until midnight and I waited at the Orlando airport for Moritz Wagner to arrive at 10:40 pm.

Ok, on to the Wednesday events. From talking to many excited pilots it was evident that Tuesday had been a spectacular day with lift up to 7,000 feet and Tom Lanning made it to Quest and back to Wallaby. Jason Williams made it most of the way but had to land early. Wednesday morning started out sunny and not to windy and some tandems and then some solo pilots were trying out the Wills Wing gliders but by 9 am the wind had picked up to close to twenty mph so breakfast got under way. by noon the cummies were zooming overhead so there were lots of pilots talking and checking out the massive line up of WW Gliders waiting to be flown. There were some very impressive looking sails in the line up.

Around two pm the wind appeared to be lightening up so Wolfi raced out to the take off and I soon followed and then Tip Rogers got in line behind me. We all got off the ground quickly and right into thermals that worked us up to 4,800 feet at base. there were a steady stream of gliders coming up to join us and many of them were the demo gliders with some happy faces flying them. The sky was seventy percent clouds but lift was great until around four o'clock when the lift diminished and we all started drifting to nice landings. Around five pm Malcolm got some special tandems off and one of them was old time pilot Roy Haggard the main designer at Ultralight Products who designed and produced the very popular Comet gliders. It was great meeting so many new and famous people here today. My airtime today was 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The next two days don't look so good weather wise but we will see how it goes.

Photos Below

 Malcolm Jones and Kelsey Pearson


Kelsey and Mom Lisa

Steve Pearson


Take Off



Roy and Lori


 Solo Pilot


Lisa Pearson and Her Dancing Pup

Paul Voight


Malcolm and Kelsey


Lori Helps Kelsey

Malcolm and Kelsey


Dianne Haggart

Kelsey, Dad Steve, and Roy


Demo Flight


Paul Harrison

Steve Prepost


Roger, Tip Rogers and Oliver



Kelsey and Grandma Billy Beard







 Demo Take Off


Jimmy Nordle

Lori Helps Roy Haggart


Lori Croft, Dianne Mackenzie and Dianne Haggard


Malcolm Jones and Roy Haggard



Malcolm Jones and Kelsey Pearson



The Skydog Report

Thursday and Friday were mostly rainy with breaks of sun which let many pilots try out the new Wills Wing gliders and some tandems were also towed up either before breakfast or after Lunch in the evening. I had a chance to take lots of photos.

Saturday morning beamed up sunny and a big line formed with pilots taking demo flights before breakfast. I worked on photos to be presented here shortly. While I was working on the photos after a couple of hours I heard a tug go by so I popped out to see what was going on and sure enough there was a line forming of eager pilots ready to enjoy the day although it was blowing 15 to twenty mph at launch. I quickly grabbed my stuff and got my glider out to the launch area and got of about fifth and bango into a beauty that took me to about 4,500 feet in a few minutes. There were other gliders working the lift lines so I kept a good eye on them to use the best lift and I had a real blast zooming over to the others and climbing up to cloud base which was about 4,800 feet by then. I was great fun watching all the new demo gliders come and go as they only have a half hour to try them out. After a couple of hours I found a good one and took it up to 5 grand and then I noticed that I was in a dome with cloud all around me and it was sucking me up like crazy so I pulled in as far as possible and dove for what looked to be the brightest side and after a couple of frantic minutes I was out of it and so happy to be below base again. I think there must be something wrong with my 30 year old Flytec as it so often just can't stop screaming at me here at Wallaby. Well, after 2-1/2 hours things were shutting down and I saw Moritz Wagner next to me at 3,000 feet and a little later Milco Angelo from Toronto was with me in a desperate attempt to last it out and finally Milco was landing and I scooted in about a minute behind him thinking that I was the last one down but Oh No, I look up and see another glider at 2,000 feet and soon he also landed. I ended up with 2 hours and 55 minutes and later found out that this was the record flight of the day. After I landed I went looking for Oded Kalir and encouraged him to take a flight even though he has a sore back and Oded did get up and had a half hour flight and I think it made his back feel better.

As the sun was going down the huge Wills Wing Wallaby party began with a wonderful dinner and then a nice talk by Mike Meir in which he acknowledged many of the famous people of Hang Gliding including Chris Wills, Tom Peghiny, Roy Haggard who were at the event and many others too. A video presentation and later a great band played and we partied on until well after midnight. This was a huge event that made us proud to be HG pilots. Many Thanks to Wills Wing.

Photos Below

 Joel Miron, Juaki, Ataulfo Fermandez, Lori, Demetrio Grade, Rotu Molina


Mike and Ryan Test the Quad

Ryan's Quad


Quadra copter

Patricio, David, Angel,


Ryan Voight - Quad in Front



Roy Haggard


Rotu Molina



#Pierce and Maggie

Tandem Coming In


Roy Haggard Being Towed Up


Ryan Voight Wearing GoPro Vision Screen

Roy Haggard in Action


Ugly Spaniards Having a Blast, Oh and  Beautiful Lori Too



Jimmy Nordle "The Man"


Diver Giving me the Look and Nikki Smiles

# 2


 A Beautiful Sky


John Pop, Milco Angulo and Kenny Kinzie - Canada

Dianne McKenzie


 Patricio and  Dave Lopez - Mike Meier in Background


Dianne Haggard

Stefanie Holcomb and Princess Chloe


# 4

Bertrand and Hugo "The Flying Pug"



Fernando & Honey



 Linda , Mike and Steve, "Relaxing at the Ranch"


Tandem Wingin In



Scott Maue - Michigan - Exxtacy

Paul Moncure


Mitch Shipley Quest Air and Mark Bolt Michigan

Miami Mark on Right


Lisa, Steve and Kelsey Pearson


Kelsey and Lisa

Dustin and Kathy Rhodes and Dave Aldridge


Linda Meier and Chris Wills


Kenny Westfall and Mark Bolt

Larry Bunner


Joe Bostic and Mike Meier

Mike's T-Shirt 1973


 Kenny and Megret Westfal - Crestliners


Jeannie and Bill Vickery - New York

Set Up


Paul Voight



Daniel and Me

New T-2 Sail


Bertrand Delacroix -  NY


Linda Meier Checking Things Out

Wolfi Seize - Austria


Wolfi - Comp Pilot Extreme

Daniel and Friends


Ataulfo Fermandez

Buddy and Dad


 Mark and Mark


# 7

Kurt, Larry and Mark in Front



Owen Morris - Crestline


Angel and Patricio


Moritz Wagner - New York

Angel and # 10





My Ky and Maarten Spoek - Holland


My Ky and Maarten

Eric Fair and Chris Wills





Jeannie Checks Out the Weather

Wills Wing Demo Days 2013 Party Time


Mike Meier - A Very Entertaining Speaker

Linda Meier


# 11


# 12

# 13


# 14

# 15


Jim McNamara

# 16


The Food Line

# 17


Larry Bunner, Honey and Greg Dinauer

Scot Maue and Mark Bolt


Larry, Honey, Greg, Oded and Bob

# 18


The Dutch Nation Team

Larry and Friends


# 19

Steve, Mike and Linda


 Scot Maue and Bob Grant


The Skydog Report

Sunday April 8, 2012 is a day full of sun and big cumulus clouds and we get started around one pm. I was towed up about fifth and after searching for a couple of minutes I found a good thermal and was soon at cloud base at 5,000 feet. Some pilots were falling out of the lift but a few of us stuck it out and after a half hour we caught another good one that took s up to 5,400 feet and we went travelling to find a better line but we all got down to 3 grand and then later we picked another whopper and I was at 5,990 feet but getting sucked into the dome again just like yesterday so I scooted out to the downwind side and after stuffing the bar I finally was in the clear. I took a run out to the Omni Hotel and came back with 2,500 feet and caught another one to 5, 900 feet. It was a great ride but I found a great sinker and landed after 1 hour and 25 minutes.

I grabbed a cart and got to take off just as the dinner bell rang so I waited while the Ranch staff had lunch. I got up around four o'clock with Oded and Moritz launching right after me and we flew together for about a half hour and then I saw Rick Bremmer on his Ghostbuster getting up pretty well so tried to follow Rick but soon was far below him. I think that I got up to 4,900 feet this time and landed after 46 minutes and decided to take a break but Moritz and Oded went for another flight and they both did very well on their WW U-2s.

Photos Below

 # 20



# 21


Ken and Honey  # 22


# 23





 # 26



Chris Mangels


Bertrand Delacroix


# 29





Roger Sherrod

# 32


 Fernando Milani


# 34



# 35


# 36


Ryan and Desiree Voight

# 37


# 38


# 39

# 40


# 41


# 42

# 43


# 44


# 45

My Ky Spoek - Holland


# 46


# 47

# 48


# 49


# 50

# 51


# 52


Mark - Miami Fl.

# 53


# 54


# 55

# 56


 # 57


Mark - Miami

# 59


# 60


Jenn - Holland

Jenn - Holland


# 61


# 62

# 63


# 64



Jenn - Holland


 # 65


# 66

# 67


# 68


# 69

# 70


 # 71


# 72

# 73


# 74


 # 75


# 76

# 77


 # 78


# 79

"Smokey" Daan Rookmaker


 Wayne Devillis




Ken Martin


 # 84


# 85


# 86


 Line Up


Mark - Miami, Fl.


Mark - Miami, Fl.

# 87


 Hugo, Samira and Bertrand - Chillin


Mark - Miami, Fl.

# 88


# 89


# 101

My Ky and Rob


 Jenet - Holland


# 90


# 91

# 92


Dave Lopez Crew


# 94

# 95


 # 96


# 97

Mark - Miami, Fl.


Michael Robertson - Toronto, Canada


# 98

Kimberly and Greg Ludwig


Mark - Miami, Fl.



# 99


The Skydog Report

Monday April 8, 2013 starts out sunny with lots of tandem flights and some solos too. The sky starts to cummie up around noon and by 1 pm it is looking great so we start heading to the staging area. I get off second right after Wolfgang and wham into a good one after a rasty tow. I think it was the roughest tow I have taken in years, Well I got off and found a good one right away and followed it up to 6,090 feet and played in the lift for a while then I moved on to other clouds that looked good and it was great for an hour and 13 minutes when I landed after finding super sink. The afternoon lunch break was in progress so I relaxed and got ready for flight number two. By five o'clock I was back in the air and Oded and Moritz were right behind me with two other pilots getting off before me and then another six behind me. Another rough tow but not as bad as the earlier one and off at 2,000 feet and into another good one and up to cloud base again at 5,700 feet. I was surprised that the base had not risen but lowered 300 feet. Oh well, I cruised around at over 5 grand for a while watching as most others were hanging at 4,000 feet but then someone came along at my altitude and the game was on to stay in the best lift and on top. I think I won that game and took the lift to base again and had to stuff it to stay out of the cloud. Cruising around for a while I came across a real nice T2-C and that sucker was staying higher than me so I chased him for likely 15 minutes and couldn't seem to catch up but then I noticed that my VG was not quite tight so I pulled on the extra eight inches and I could not believe it but I was above the new T2-C within two minutes. Hey, that felt good and I wondered if the VG made that much difference or was it a coincidence. I stayed above for a while but the other pilot found a better lift line and I could not catch him again but we were very close for a long time and finally I landed just a minute before that beautiful T2-C. What a great flight and mine lasted 1 hour and 46 minutes.

Oded and Moritz also had very enjoyable flights both with over one hour of airtime. Oded and I rushed off to Table Tennis and had a great workout.

Photos Below

Rosie and Jim Kolynich - Jeannie and Bill Vicary - NY


Steve Prepost and Jenn Silver


 The Nederland's Group  - My Ky, Jenet, Rob and Ton


Chaudi, Pup and Roger and Zoe


Naomi Dingman

Lori Sanchez


Lee and Jen Silver - Toronto, Canada


Oded Kalir and Bill Vicary - New York

# 102 Norway


Old Buddies From The Past - Bob Grant, Chris Smith and Michael Robertson


Vincene Muller - Calgary Alberta, Canada

Vegar Hansen


 Jim Lee's Motor Glider - Phoenix


The Skydog Report

Wednesday April 10 th is sunny and the tandems get off to a good start in the morning. By 2 o'clock we are lining up to get some great lift and I get off second behind Scott Lenard and Paul towed me through some super lift but once I pinned off I could not find a scrap of lift and landed after 18 minutes and got back in line behind about 8 pilots. My second tow went well and this time I hit a good one just after release and took it up to 5 grand and then went searching for my next lift line. There was a most beautiful fragrance in the air form the orange blossoms. As I was burbling around as I often do I noticed that Mikey Barber was at my altitude so I followed him south for about three miles and then we headed back to the north after taking a lift to 5,400 feet. I was confident that Mikey would find the best lift so I stayed on his tail and finally I noticed that he had a student (Kipp) in tow so I thought, Good, I will just follow Mike and hope that I can keep up. We worked thermals north and when we got about five miles from Wallaby we got into some heavy sink and were down to 2,200 feet but luckily for me Mikey found another good one and I joined him and we made it back to cloud base at over 5 grand. Away we went again with Kipp 1,000 feet below and finally after about the ten mile mark I could no longer find Mikey's student and now I was only relying on Mikey's good judgement to find the lift. I stuck on his tail as best I could wondering what all this new scenery actually was. An hour into the flight I was looking for something familiar and I saw what looked like maybe some Hang Gliders in a field two miles ahead and after some studying I realized that it was Quest Air field and I was so happy as all through the flight I expected that I would sink out and be lost. I was elated to see Quest and now being down to 2,000 feet I thought that I would likely make it to the quest field and then I got lucky and found some good lift and crossed the field at 4,000 feet and then worked the thermals up to 6,515 feet over Groveland where I happened upon two other gliders in the sky and we had a great time trying to max the lift until it finally died and we all landed at the Quest field. Mikey had headed south and returned to Wallaby but I was afraid to follow him in case I should land out and I now had the security of a familiar airport landing. When I landed I was introduced to one of the other pilots and it turned out that it was Jim Moyer from Ottawa Canada and he is a friend of my brother who lives near Toronto. Mark Frutiger cooked us up hamburgers and Nick from Russia who also landed with me enjoyed Mark's hospitality. I called back to Malcolm and he asked Jason Williams to pick us up and Jason was at Quest before we were packed up. A great day for me as I have not tried a XC flight in many years. My airtime was 2 hours and 49 minutes and I think my straight line distance was likely 24 miles. It was great to finally meet Jim Moyer and his wife Cathy from Canada who I had been hearing about for years from my brother Jeff and wife Colleen. Oded and all the pilots at Wallaby also had great flights on this spectacular Wednesday. Oded logged 3 hours and of coarse Rick Bremmer did his regular five hours plus on the famous Ghostbester.

Photos Below

Chris Mangles


 Jenn Silver - Apprehensive


Oded Kalir - Lift Off




 Steve Prepost and Jenn Silver


Vegar Hansen - Norway


Steve Prepost and Jenn Silver - Lift Off



# 106


 Lee Silver - Lift Off


# 107

Fay Barber ad Jenn Silver


Lee Silver - Toronto, Canada


Lisa Pearson - On Right

Chaudi and Roger


Oded Kalir



Hugo Ready to Fly


Chaudi - Lift Off - Topless Glider


Rocket Man and Mike

Nick - Russia


Bertram, Hugo and Samira



Stefanie Holcomb

Hugo Is Ready


Bertram and Hugo

Hugo - Gotta Love That Face


Chadi - Lift Off


Nick and Yuri - Russia


Breakfast at the Ranch


Tyson Richmond and Rocket Man - Dave Sweggart



A Wills Wing Family Breakfast



Steve and Kelsey


Bjoern Joakimsen - Norway

Eric Fair and Honey








Hugo and Bertram Have Landed


Steve Pearson

Bjoern Joakimsen - Norway


Bjoern Joakimsen - Norway

Vegar Hansen - Norway


Vegar Hansen - Norway

Hugo in Harness


 Morning Beauty


Steve Pearson - Wills Wing - California


# 115

Fun Time


Beautiful Family

Dimitry Burdov


Per Ramstad - Noway


Russians at Wallaby: Yurii, Dmitry and Nick


Dmitriy - Russia


Per Ramstad - Noway


Nick - Russia

Wayne Ripley


Nikolay Sushkov Landing Approach

Dale Rutherford Flies Wallaby Ranch

Mom Elaine and Dale Anxious to Get Airborne

All Suited Up and Ready to Go


 Let's Go


Malcolm and Dale Are in the Air


Flying High

I Think Dale Likes Flying


What a Beautiful Day To Be Flying



Let's Get Ready to Land



I Think Dale Wants To Go Again


Wow, That Was Fun

Dale, Mom Elaine and Dad Michael

XC to Quest Air

Skydog and Nicolai Land at Quest Air Airport


 Bob and Nicolai Risukhin


Carol and Jim Moyer

Bob Grant and Jim Moyer


Itay Guy - Orlando R/C Helicoter Club


The Skydog Report

Thursday and Friday were wash out days with lots of wind and some rain so here we are on Saturday and it is a Sunny morning and at 2:30 five of us take to the sky with no cummies and all sled runs except one Norwegian fellow who caught a bubble and extended his flight to 30 minutes. My sled time was 13 minutes. Hoping for a boomer on Sunday.


The Skydog Report

Sunday morning starts out overcast cloudy so I go to the R/C helicopter field and watch them for a couple of hours and come back to Wallaby by 12:30. Looks too windy and mostly cloudy until around 3:30 and I get ready with another pilot and Chris Mangles tows us up. I am off first and find decent lift taking me to 3,000 feet for about 15 minutes and later when I saw the other pilot thermalling I used his lift line and finally got up to 4,025 feet at which point I sped to the lighter side of the cloud to keep out of the 1,000 feet per minute up and into the clouds which looked nasty, The other pilot who was flying a kingposted Moyes glider landed after about 40 minutes and I landed after 1 hour and 17 minutes. Just as I landed 3 Russian pilots were being towed up and they all got one half hour flights. There was some buoyant air but the thermals were not strong. Maybe Monday will be better.

Photos Below

Dmitry Burdov and Julia Kucherenko


Chris Mangles


 Dmitry Burdov


Dmitry Burdov




Malcolm and Julia


Julia - Russia

Dmitry Shestun and Nikolay Sushkov


Mick Flies Superfloater


The Skydog Report


 Monday April 15 is a beautiful calm morning and lots of tandem flights take place before breakfast along with lots of solo flights. Everyone is having a blast.

At 1 pm I ask Mark Bold if he wants to fly my WW T-2 and he gets ready to fly and is first in line with about twenty pilots following him, Mark takes a standard tow and hit some great lift and gets up to 4,350 feet on his 1-1/2 hour flight. We had the Gopro on and Mark gets some great shots and takes his helmet of for a half hour and he looks so cool. After Mark comes down the gang is ready for lunch and I wait until 4:30 and then Chris pulls me into a mostly blue sky but some cummies are forming to the west and I hang on for 40 minutes and get up to 3,200 feet and then get flushed. Mitch Shipley flies from Quest Air and cruises around above me and lands about a half hour later, Rick Bremmer does his regular four hour flight in his Ghostbeuster, It was a very good day and Tuesday's forecast is for a 8,000 foot cloudbase so we hope to get high and go far.

Photos Below






Per Ramstad - Noway





Ian Hochsteder





 Malcolm and Student Take Off





Russian Pilot


 What's With The Hands












Steve Tandem Instructor





Fin Norway


Felipe Amunategui








 Kevin Byler Conneticut




 Steve Prepost Tandem Instructor


Aric Tandem


Per Ramstad - Noway


Tandem Group


Lauri Croft

Per Ramstad - Noway


Aric Tandem Instructor

Malcolm Tandem Instructor




Per Ramstad - Noway

Per Ramstad - Norway


 Russian Team


Per Ramstad - Norway

Monday Afternoon

The Line Forms


 # 200


Mark Bolt on my WW T2


Check Out Mark's Video - Click Here


Mark Bolt Getting High



Felipe Amunategui


Mark Bolt

Peter, Kevin and Wayne


# 202


 Fin Spjeldnes


Way High

Jason Williams


Mark Bolt Getting Misty


Jason Williams


Aero Towing

Mark Herman


Chris Mangels


# 205

Sky Out




Dave Labagh

# 207


Rick Bremmer - Ghostbuster


Mark Bolt - Glider Below


# 207



Wayne Ripley


# 209

Aric Paulson


Ian Hochstetter


Mark Bolt Sand Pitts


# 212



Fly By Kermit Weeks


Mark Bolt

# 212




Mark Bolt - Dr. Owens

Mark Bolt


 Larry Graves "Digger"


Matching Tattoos

Foot Wrestling


 Cousin, Felipe Sr and Felipe Jr.


The Skydog Report

Tuesday April 16, 2013 Starts out mostly sunny and the hot air balloons blast their propane to wake me and I see them lifting off right in front of Malcolm's home and next I hear the tugs towing tandems and the day begins. The tandems stop a bit early as the wind picks up and clouds move in so breakfast is on. By noon there is a group of about twenty pilots getting their equipment ready. By noon the sky has cleared and we are getting over to the west end launch and Jason and I are first in line. Paul pulls me up over the warehouses and I work some spotty lift and finally after 20 minutes I hit some more consistent lift and Jason tried a bit north and finally got down to 800 feet before he caught a good one at the edge of Wallaby field and we were off skyward with lots of others joining us. Four of the Russian team are still here and a group from Connecticut drove in Yesterday and they are enjoying the lift here today. I see one of them has his GoPro on so we both try to get some good footage . I see what I thought was Scot Maue in his Exxtacy coming up and skying out well above me at 3,500 feet and just screaming across the sky. After landing, I realized that it was Mark Bolt on Scot's Exxtacy and Mark had an awesome flight of 3-1/2 hours up to cloud base which was just over 4,000 feet today. My flight time was 1 hour and 52 minutes and I topped out at 4,125 feet. My Total Airtime at Wallaby was 18 hours and 34 minutes. Lots of happy faces in the landing area and later Oliver brought out his paraglider string kite and put on a good show with it. Another wonderful day at the Ranch.

Photos Below

Scot Maue relaxing

Per Ramstad - Noway




# 235



Scot with Felipe's Pooch


Filipe and Pooch

Shirley Lovtangn


2013 Hang Time 

Florida --- 47:06 

SOGA ---- 11:05 

New York - 3:52 

Cloud 9 --- 39:25

Total 2013 Time - 101 Hours - 22 Minutes


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