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Florida Trip, 2013

Quest Air April 17, 2013

The Skydog Report

Wednesday looks pretty windy but around 2 pm Two other pilots and my self decided to try our luck and Mark Frutiger tows us up. I went first and found no lift but not too bumpy but I only lasted 13 minutes. Stephan went up next and he may have lasted 20 minutes  and then Spinner took a flight and did a little better. I decided to take another tow and tried twice with the weak link breaking each time just as I left the cart so on to another attempt With Davis Straub assisting me and this time I did not pop off the cart so abruptly and all went well. Mark towed me up to four thousand feet and I found some zero sink for a few minutes but landed after 24 minutes. Of well, we will try again on Thursday.

Photos Below

Skydog's Temporary Home at Quest


The Skydog Report

Thursday is another sunny morning and by 1 pm Davis, Spinner, Stephan and myself are ready to go for it. I get off last and find some good lift to 3,500 feet and I don't see Davis anywhere but I see two other gliders below so maybe Davis is above me. I find sink and get down to 1,200 feet and go searching finally finding a good one again and take it up to 3,800 feet and see two others down low. after about an hour I see a group of pilots coming in from Wallaby and notice that a Moyes glider who I thought was Mikey Barber is on top and we circle together for a few minutes up to 4,200 feet and then the Moyes glider heads off back to Wallaby while Tyson Richmond and the other three from Connecticut and Filipe search and finally land at Quest air strip. I hang up there for another 20 minutes off to the west and find a lift line that gets me up to 3,800 feet and finally I loose it and land after bubbling around in light lift. for a total of one hour and thirty one minutes. When I landed the fellows from Wallaby asked where I came from and I replied that I started at Ocala with Gregg MacNee and they were very impressed until I set them straight and said that I had taken off from Quest and stayed close by. Oh what fun. The forecast for Friday says 15 mph so windy again and we will see what happens. My total airtime this year to date is 33 hours and 54 minutes.

Photos Below

Chad and Chris


 Davis and Belinda's Home


Davis Goes for a Ride

Oz Report Headquarters


Davis's Miniature


The Pool


Belinda Boulter - Davis's Honey


The Retrieve Vehicle



 88 Year Young Tandem Student


Kim Braswell and Chad May Nashville

Mark Frutiger


Family Tandem Students


Davis and Kim


Chad and Chris




Don Guynn Tandem Pilot



 Spinner Takes Another Tandem


The Skydog Report

Friday April 19, 2013. After checking the weather forecast I expect that I may be heading home today as high winds and rain are in the forecast for the next few days. A sunny morning but the wind is 20 to 25 mph by ten am so Davis and I go for a bike ride on his regular 22 mile route. On the ride we saw three different types of turtles and Davis moved them off the road where they were sunning themselves. Then we saw a flock likely thirty Wood Storks feeding in a pond and they were so neat looking. Davis said that this was the first time that he had seen so much wildlife on one of his bike trips here in Florida.  It has been a great three weeks here in Florida.


 Wood Storks To Far Away For The GoPro


Look at the Head on This Turtle


 Gently Now


What a Face


Davis Protect the Turtle from Traffic


Davis Moves Turtle Off the Road

A Happy Biker


Mossy Back


"Look Out"


 Thanks to Davis for Taking Me on This Bike Ride  A great ride in the 92 Degree Heat and 20 + Wind


2013 Hang Time 

Florida --- 47:06 

SOGA ---- 11:05 

New York - 3:52 

Cloud 9 --- 39:25

Total 2013 Time - 101 Hours - 22 Minutes


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