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Thursday May 17, 2012


The Skydog Report

Thursday is the first day of flying at the SOGA field for 2012 and we have a little trouble getting the tug started and finally we get airborne at 3 pm. Rick Hines goes first followed by me and Nick and Don Vermeer and finally Lee Silver. Another blue sky day that we did not expect to be very good but it turned out to be an excellent day with climbs to 5,200 feet ato. I was doing well with the group and decided to work lift to the north where I had found it earlier and sunk out after 1 hour and 48 minutes. Don Vermeer had the longest flight of about three hours.

Photos Below

Glider Set Up


mac Cuts The Grass For Us

Rick Hines - Great Flight


 Nick After His Amazing First Long High Flight


Rick Landing



Lee Silver - "What Happened"




Steve Younger Watches Don Thermal

Don Vermeer


Don Finally Coming Down

Don On Approach


Great Flair Don

Don After His 3 Hour Flight


Wednesday May 23, 2012

The Skydog Report

Wednesday May 23 Patrick and I drove to the Soga field and met Gilles, Ken, Rick, Don and Steve Younger up there and by the time we set up the sky was looking quite over developed. We all took flights lasting less that a half hour and enjoyed the day and by the evening the sun was coming though again. Oh well, better luck next time.



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