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The Skydog Report

Saturday October 20, 2012

 We arrived at Dansville around 12:30 and met up with Patrick and Polly. We headed up top and found the new road into the take off and checked the wind and it was looking good so we lugged our gliders into take off. We set up our gliders and the rain started so we waited a half hour and the sun was shinning again. Patrick took a light cycle take off and just made it over the trees and popped up and was running the ridge at about 500 feet ato and gained to 1.000 feet and then the rain started showing in the clouds out front so Patrick landed and I followed after getting 1,515 feet ato. Patrick's flight was 29 minutes and mine was 25 minutes. My landing was one of the scariest I have ever had. On approach over the trees I turned along the tree line and got one tip kicked up and then after getting it straightened out I turned the other way and got kicked bad again the other way and finally got it straightened out and rolled in on my wheels in a cut corn field and the base bar caught and the nose came over and hit me in the back and that hurt real bad. Rick Hines came later and did a 38 minute flight and was looking real good as we watched from the landing area.

Sunday we flew at Harris Hill and it was too windy for the most part but I took off in a lull but soon found that it was to bumpy for me so I landed after 30 minutes while Rick Hines lasted for 1 hour and fifty minutes. Jamie McGuire did his first flight in a year and Bill Vickery had a short one also.

Monday great with lighter winds but still 20 degrees from the left at Harris and lots of us flew. I did 3 hours and five minutes up to 1,505 feet ato. Patrick took two flights and stayed aloft for 1 hour and 5 minutes getting up to 1,000 feet ato on his second attempt. John Bilsky was second off after Patrick and John stuck real well working through some heavy sink cycles. Bill Vickery had a nice one and flew with me for a while. Ed Jowett, Peter Hoy and Dan Walters also enjoyed the 70 degree day. Pretty warm day at the end of October.

As of October 22, 2012 my total yearly airtime time 108H:36M

I have surpassed my goal of 100 hours for 2012 mostly due to Maureen my wonderful wife encouraging me to go fly so often.


"The Video Here"


Photos Below

Rick Hines Wingin Close to the Tree Line at Dansville Landing Area - Fall Colors

Dansville Saturday

 Coming Down Before the Rain


Rainbow After the Rain


Rick Hines - U-2 Dansville


Rick Hines

Rick Hines


Patrick and Polly Watch Rick Soaring

Rick Above Take Off


Skydog and  WW T-2


Patrick, Bob and Rick in His Glider

Hawk With a Meal


Harris Hill Sunday and Monday

 Harris Hill Set Up


Dan Walter

Bill Vickery


Rick Hines

Flash The Skydog


John Bilsky Barely Soaring Early


Harris Hill Set Up

Kueka Lake and Fall Colors


John Bilsky


Bill Vickery

John Bilsky


Bill Caries Jamie's Glider

Bill Vickery


Bill Vickery

Bill Vickery


Bill Vickery


Skydog and EJ

EJ  on Top of Peter Hoy


Peter Hoy

Skydog Bob


Peter Hoy

Skydog and Bill Vickery


John Bilsky

Skydog and Patrick




Patrick O'Donnell

Dan Walter


John Bilsky

Patrick O'Donnell


Christine and Rick

Jamie McGuire


Patrick O'Donnell

Jamie and Danielle


Flash Hiking Stoneybrook Park - Dansville

Patrick Installs His Windsock


Wednesday a Rainy Day Walk

Polly, Maureen and Christine



Pheasant at Parulski's Hammondsport

Patrick Repairs Our Brakes in Parulski's Drive Shed


Geneseo Tow Park Thursday

Set Up

Mark Frutiger - Tow Pilot


Katrin  Parsiegla - Lift Off


 Katrin Under Tow


 Steve Close - Litespeed


Steve Close Landing

Katrin Landing


Steve Close - Litespeed



Katrin Landing


Tim Lewis


Katrin Flairs


Bob and Maureen Grant - Letchworth Park

Maureen - Letchworth Park


The Skydog Report

Friday September 7, 2012

Geneseo Airport, NY

Patrick and I tried the new RAF towing operation at Geneseo airport. Mark Frutiger towed me up three times on a no lift day and we had a nice day checking out the Area. My total airtime was 50 minutes.

Tuesday September 11 and Wednesday 12, 2012

Geneseo Airport, NY

Patrick and I try it again Tuesday and Wednesday and Tuesday works well. and I take two flights 55 and 25 minutes up to 3,300 feet. Patrick also takes two flights. Karl and Linda have great flights over 5,000 feet above the airport for two hours. Wednesday I took three sledders with a total of 57 minutes. Patrick took one flight. Katrin took a tow and Matt Calladine took two tows in the evening.

Total 3 hours and 7 minutes above.


YouTube Video


Photos Below

September 07, 2012

 Mark Frutiger - Tug Pilot


Patrick O'Donnell Waiting for Me to Wake Up

Mark Frutiger



Brandy and Brian


Eddy and Brian


Matt Calladine

Jackie and Brian


Brian and Eddy

Matt Calladine


 Matt Calladine


Matt Calledine

Brian and Jackie Ready to Fly


 Set Up Area


Skydog Being Towed Up


Mark Frutiger

Skydog and Patrick


Brandy O'Donnell and Brian Elliston



Linda Salamone

Patrick and Linda


Moritz Wagner

Linda Salamone


George Adams

Rick Brown


Brian, Brandy and Patrick


Tug Pilot - Mark Frutiger

Tim Lewis and Honey


Brian Takes Brandy for a Tandem Ride






Mark Tows




Linda's Pups Playing



Patrick and Brandy O'Donnell



Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis



September 12, 2012

Set Up


 Mark Frutiger



Patrick, Linda and ?




Brian and Wendy ready for Flight

They Take Off


The Gang


Rick Brown


Linda Salamone


Brian and Wendy


By The Runway Centre Field Geneseo airport


The Skydog Report

July 3 - 7, 2012

Looking forward to a spectacular four day weekend in the Finger Lakes, Maureen and I headed out Thursday evening with a forecast of NW winds at 15 mph for at least three days and wsw the other day giving us great option for flying sites. Well Friday morning dawned sunny but the wind was over twenty mph so we thought maybe ewe could fly around 5 pm if the wind slowed at Harris Hill but no one was posting intentions so we id lots of walking though the glens in the are only to find out later that Jim Kolyinich was at Harris Hill at 6;30 and had a sledder. Wish that I had gone there at 5 pm. Oh well, next time. Saturday the wind did come down some and Dan Walter arranged to meet us at Harris again and when we got there the wind was coming fro the right on launch so we headed to Katie Did where the wind was straight in at 12 to 15 mph but Dan did not like the narrow landing area below now that crops were planted in the usual landing areas so again I had no one to fly with and passed the day even though Dan had offered to drive me up Katie Did. Thanks Dan. OK, here comes

Sunday and the forecast is 15 mph wnw so to Harris hill we go and while I set up the wind picks up and finally at 3 pm it is screaming in at 30 mph so we wait and finally it calms down to 15 mph and I head to Launch and o one of my sloppiest launches in a long time mushing down and barely clearing the trees below to the right but then a push out and up I go and along the ridge gaining to about 300 feet for a while and then catching some thermals that took me to 760 feet over launch on occasion. Dan Walter went next and did very well getting over 1,200 ato and then Oded Kalir jumped into the evening air and also had a great flight and the last, Jim Kolynich to the sky getting well above for most of his flight. Ed Jowett had decided to break down before the wind slowed so he missed the good air. I had the longest flight of 2 hours and 10 minutes and enjoyed flying with my buddies from NY. Ed, I wish that you had se up again and flew with us.

Monday the forecast was very good for Hammondsport and we tried to rustle up some pilots to fly with but had no luck so posted that I would fly and then we did the walk in the glen until noon and when e came back to the Launch at Hammondsport there was a glider set and low and behold who was it but our old friend and X pilot Jack Slocum. Jack was planning a XC trip to Maryland and launched at noon and had a mushy take off and then went zooming up and within ten minutes Jack was about 2 grand ato and he headed south as I was scrambling to set up so he I was with no one to fly with but I got into the air at 1:50 and flew until 4 pm for a 2 hour and 10 minute flight again. There were lots of ups and downs in my flight and I too a good one up to 5, 400 feet about an hour into my flight and bailed before I was sucked into a cloud that was about 500 feet above me. The lift was strong and the air was rasty for more than half of my flight so I was not very comfortable many times. About half way through the flight I saw that Linda Salamone showed up but she did not take off until after I landed and she flew for two hours and up to 4,500 feet. While I was packing up a few other pilots drove into launch but we had to get going to meet Oded and Family at there home so I am not sure who came later except that I heard that Moritz Wagner also flew.

Oded read later that Jack Slocum had passed the one hundred mile mark and wow, what a flight.

2012 Airtime - 76-H 09 Mins. as of July 3, 2012

Thursday April 12, 2012

The Skydog Report

Patrick picked me up in Rochester Wednesday after Moritz and I drove Oded's van back from Wallaby Ranch and we proceeded to Hammondsport and it turned out to be a wonderful day of lift to cloud base at 3,630 feet and Patrick did his longest flight to date at 3 hours and five minutes. My flight was 3 hours and 50 minutes and we all landed on top. Scott Wise had a 1 hour and 30 minute flight and landed in a new field on top just to the east of the regular field which is now ploughed up and soon to be planted. Ed Jowett landed on top with us and now the big story, Bill Vickery did a XC flight from H-Port and landed at Harris hill and later told me that he got up to 5 grand near Corning. Congrats Bill.

We tried to fly Harris Hill on Friday but we all took extended  sledders and Patrick had a Bald eagle flying twenty feet from his wingtip for almost a minute 400 feet above the landing field at Harris Hill. Wish that Patrick had the GoPro running. We all went home with big smiles.

Photos Below

Thursday April 12, 2012 - H-Port

Grabbed These Photos from the GoPro Video

Ed Jowett and Bill Vickery Help me Off

This is a Great Slope Take Off


The Launch - Front View

Above Launch


 Hyw #54 Through the Valley Below Hammondsport Launch


Bill and Ed On Set Up


Bill Takes Off


Ed Working Up

Scott Wise Coming Up


Kueka Lake on Left and Patrick O'Donnell - Upper Right


 Patrick - Above Right


Great Sky

Friday April 13, 2012 Harris Hill

Grabbed These Photos from the GoPro Video

Waiting on Launch for Someone to Launch


There He Goes - Windsock Looks Great


Getting Up

Pilot Above and I Go For It !


 Off to the Right of Launch and Staying Close


 Just Above on My First Turn


Darn, Sinking Out



 I am Still Close to the Top But NOT Finding Any lift


Heading in For A Landing after Seven Minutes

Pilot Waiting for Me

Thursday May 31, 2012


The Scott Wise Report

On 5/31/2012 12:54 PM, S C Wise wrote:

Right now in Bath -

Valley winds make me think it's blowing swiftly up top at H-Port.  The flag up at Mossy (line of sight from my back yard) is blowing mainly NNW - N, but predominantly NNW.  The flag is not whipping around as it would be if it was blowing 25 mph. It looks more like it's around 15 mph). Sky is at or above 50% overcast with some "darker" bottomed (but I wouldn't say threatening) clouds here and there.  I'm still going to head up soon, but I'm not rushing at this point.  The best time for a flight may be in the later



The Flight

Got an interesting flight in at H-Port today.

It seemed a little strong this morning, along with some clouds with dark under surfaces, so I took care of some other business until it looked like it was moderating some - and not ODing.  Somewhere around 3:30 it started to look nice and I headed to launch.  When I arrived Linda S's car was there, but I think she was up at the upper launch.  The sock at the lower launch was showing some WNW cross cycles (unexpected) so while observing how often this occurred I trimmed some tall weeds and sumac over growth at the top of the lower launch.  I was also keeping an eye

on the wind streamer that I've put up on the top of the hill behind the launches.  It (being in somewhat "cleaner" air) seemed to show a balance of NW - NNW winds.  Linda finally appeared and we

both made our way with our gliders to the upper launch. Just about as I was finishing up my set up Herb Horning showed up.  The question arose as to who would wind dummy (launch first).  Vacillation took place until I was suited up and ready to go - so I became the default "wind technician".  : - )

I launched at 5:04 (how'd it get that late?) in a nice cycle, shortly

after watching a red tail circle up, out in front of launch.  After a

couple passes I found some consistent lift to the north of the upper

launch and began to circle.  I began to go up and up.  Nice.  I kept

going up. : - )   The lift got stronger as I climbed and oddly seemed to drift around a bit.  Generally, the air was going up a little north of the area behind the north launch.  Now and then I noticed my GPS registering 450 - 500 fpm up.  Things were beginning to look small.  I could just about see up Keuka Lake to Penn Yan.  This occurred as I reached 4,631 ft MSL (3,531 over the valley and 2,858 ft over launch).

The lift was very pleasant for the most part and felt real nice and

surprisingly smooth.  But, in an untypical way, the lift began to get a little choppier up high. After a 5 - 10 minute wait Linda launched.  It wasn't easy to see how

good her progress was but it seemed to me like she was climbing out in a similar manner as to what I experienced.  I was figuring that she'd catch up with me.  I noticed, however, that after gaining out some, she began to head north along the ridge.  She had talked about preferring a tension free landing at the grass strip just south of Hammondsport (the church LZ, with the bordering dark brown ploughed field could easily have presented some low level thermal turbulence) and it ended up that was

where she was headed.  I ended up following her for a mile or so to the north before realizing her intention.  Still being at around 4K MSL, I decided to head back to the ridge top (and maybe back to above launch) to relocate some nice lift.

Well, lift became a little scarce and at a grand over launch I looked

down and saw the wind flag on the hill behind launch blowing out of the NE!  Hmmmmmm.  I looked at the south launch and the wind sock was pointing the wrong direction - down hill.  Herb had his PG laid out on the upper launch and the sock there was (at that moment) still blowing up.  What the heck?  I looked over to the wind markers in the (new) alternate top LZ and they were also blowing out of the NE.  At one point I saw them turn to the ENE.  Yikes!

I think this fairly quick (as far as I'd noticed) wind switch psyched me out some and convinced me that the direction change had also shut down the other wise nice lift cycle.  I lost a couple hundred more feet hoping to locate new lift, while, at the same time, heading to the air above the (new) alternate top LZ.

I chose to be nice and safe and set up an extended length set up to drop into this alt. LZ (only my second landing there).  By the time I was at final approach altitude, the wind had aligned with the long dimension of the field (parallel with Mt Wash. Rd.).  This is not unusual and one of the things I like about this field - i.e., lots of nice straight final approach distance - with a very gentle up slope on the first part of the field, ending with a generally flat (ideal target) touch down area.

  As I came in I did hit a minor burble of air but noticeably less then I usually encounter over the regular top LZ.  I came up a little short of the flat section and had a not bad landing 100 yards back on the gentle up slope.  I ended my flare a little high and gently plopped down.  It felt like I got a stronger puff of air just as I flared for what, otherwise, would have been a perfect touch down.  All things considered, this was another nice touch down in this less experienced field. My touch down time was 5:31 pm for a total air time of 27 minutes.  I'm sure I would have had more time had I gotten to launch an hour or more sooner, but I enjoyed the flight and loved the great climb out.  Too bad the wind rotated close to 90 to the NE.  I didn't expect that, and Herb got screwed out a flight for the second day in a row.  He should have jumped (pardon the pun) at the chance of being the wind dummy.

Scott W


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