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Wienerfest 2009

Formerly Called Dachsiefest

The Wienerfest Picnic 2009

The 2008 Wienerfest held in Lions River Parkway located in Thamesford, Ontario, Canada was a huge success drawing over 3,982 Dachshund owners and their friends and their wonderful pets not to mention the hundreds of spectators. From our first Dachsiefest which had about thirty Doxies attending six years ago, we certainly have grown.

We have been lucky with the weather in all of those years and this year was no exception with Mostly sunny skes and a pictureque location right on the river. Many Doxies drove over one hundred miles to attend and had a wonderful time frolicking with their friends and it was obvious that their owners had a great time as well.

Many thanks to Linda Collier and the many others who organized and helped with the 2009 Wienerfest.


If you would like a high quality print of any photo on this page. please e-mail me at the address below. I also can provide a C/D with all of the photos that we captured at this event.

If you did attend the 2009 Wienerfest and we did not get a photo of you and your Doxie, Please send me one and I will add it immediately.

Many photos are below for your enjoyment and please send me a caption for the photos that you recognize. I would like to add names and where the people and their Doxies are from. Send info to

If for any reason you would like your photo removed or changed in any way, just let me know.

Thanks, Bob Grant



Linda Collier Event Organizer

"Doxie Talk" Captions by Kerry Coburn

This is my baby   #1

Dachshund tail and pigtails   2



My tail is higher than yours   4


Casey, Fletcher and Taylor with Riley  Owen Sound

Riley in the Tunnel


Cute & cuter   5

Leanne, "Monty the Shy One" and Graham Gilbert

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada



If you spill that ice cream on me.....I'll---    8



Lunchtime-let's go    10


Big muscles guys likes Doxies Too   11



The camera is this way   13



Tootsie Roll Doxie  113

Train Doxie  114


Larry Graham Jr. with Mow

If he would just let me down, I could.......    16


Yes,  I am cute     15

Larry Graham Jr. with Mow


Ok mom, you have to wear red next year to match the rest of us  17

Maureen Grant Throws Sticks for Flash to Swim After


Mow and Friend Playing Ball

Mow - Nice Hat


Everyone say awwwww     9

Hold one-I'm getting the first one   20



Mom, look this way-hurry look this a way   22


My drink is on the ground-please put me down    23

I want to hold the doxie     24


I want that drink RIGHT NOW    25

Smile-come on Doxies smile     26


I love my Dachshund   27

He has food in his right hand-trust me he does    28


Is there a water bowl around here somewhere?     29

On your mark--get set---GO    30


Looking for the Boston Pizza tent    31

Life does not get any better than Dachshunds and kids     32


Algonquin and Mercedes owned by Deborah McLay Scarborough, ON.

Sittin in the shade    34


The hand is empty, Mom     35

Smile Puppy   36


Listen to me-let's go this way     37

Cute, more cute and cutest    38


Dog kisses    39

I love you Too     40


I am not looking at the camera and you can't make me     41

I'll look at the camera     42


What are we suppose to be looking at?    43

Let me down so I can and get that drink    44


Pink Leopard Doxie  118

Robin Hood  119


I love my smooth Doxie   45

Hey master, our hair is the same color    46


The right dog does not know what the left dog is doing and vice versa   47

Sure is hot out here     48


Hey, come and look at this   49

I simply refuse to look at the camera    50


51  I am Not Looking at You Because You are a Doxie

Two leashes on one dog????     52


Dogs May Pole    53

Larry Graham Jr. and Lisa Poirier with Mow


I am always the center of attraction    55

56  Come a Little Bit Closer and I Will


Have we got sore backs   57

Everyone Look this way    58


Cute Puppy  54

Larry Graham Jr.  with Mow and Friend


Aligator Pup  120

Little Doxie on the Prarie  121


Honey, it's my turn to hold the dog    59

60  Pillow Talk


Lapdog    61

 Shoulderdog    62


I'm not talking    63

64  X-Pen Talk


Maureen Grant with Flash

Yes, honey it's a Dachshund and they do bite    65


All in the family     66

A boys best friend     67


Larry Graham Jr. with Mow

"Mow"   Do I get royalties from Eukanuba for this picture?

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