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Have you ever thought back and recalled all the pups that you have had in your life? Well, I will be 75 in November 2017 and just today I got to thinking about all the wonderful companions that I have had in my lifetime. When I was a youngster I lived on a farm near Chatham, Ontario, Canada with my Grandparents. My grandparents had a black and white Collie called Rinx and Rinks was my Uncle Bill's dog. When I was about five years old my Mom thought that I should have a puppy and she got a small white and brown Terrier that we called Tippy. I had Tippy for maybe a year and then all of a sudden Tippy looked a little different and later I found out that Tipper number one ran in front of the hay mower and lost four legs so that was very tragic. OK so Tippy number two lasted a couple of years and I watched as he ran under a car on the side road and ran into the ditch where he died. Wow, what sad memories I have of these two pups. Well now I am six years old and one morning I was looking out the kitchen window and I could not believe my eyes but in the yard was a large animal and I said to my grandma, what is that and she looked and said it looks like a Great Dane so we went outside and checked it out. Wow, was it big and friendly and I thought what a great new friend. The Great Dane followed me to school for a couple of weeks and then went home with someone else so I was alone again. My Mom decided to get me another puppy so she brought home Timmy my new Party Colour Cocker Spaniel and he was so nice. I moved to London with my Mom when I was ten and Timmy came with us. Timmy lived to twelve years old and finally had to go. My stepdad brought home a nice Boxer when I was about fourteen but he used it as a guard dog in the oil fields near Bothwell, Ontario so I did not see the Boxer very often. A couple of years later I got married and had three children soon after. We had a blonde Cocker Spaniel for a while and it would pee whenever anyone went to pet it so we decided that it had to go to a farm close by with it's new owners. When I was about twenty one I brought home a cute little Dachshund mixed breed and Rusty was a fun puppy but after about six months he started to chew up our furniture and Rusty became very aggressive so my wife said Rusty has to go as with three small children she could not cope with Rusty so our friend Lorraine took him away. Next we got a kitten and Tabby was a beautiful white with black and brown markings and Tabby lasted eighteen years. Maureen and I were married for about ten years when we decided that a puppy would be great for us so we picked up Bear from Shirley Thompson, a breeder in Woodstock, Ontario and Bear was the joy of our lives and travelled across the USA with us. At nine years old Bear died of cancer and we were heat broken and soon we found Flash from Ted Cameron, a breeder in Brantford and Flash travelled with us for sixteen years and gave us so much joy that it was very hard for us when he had to go. We waited for more than a year after Flash passed away and finally we found Finnegan at the same breeder where we obtained Bear twenty five years earlier. Finnegan was only eight weeks old when we picked him up and he has been a handful with all the chewing and mischief but I must say that Finny was the quickest to learn the pee pee, poo poo routine and he only had four accidents in the house for the first two weeks that we had him and he has been perfectly trained ever since. As with Bear and Flash, we take Finny everywhere with us and recently took him to Florida for three weeks and he had a blast. OK now, "For The Love Of Dog", Yes our dogs give us so much joy and happiness but when they have to go over the rainbow bridge it is so hard to leave them that their passing causes us so much sadness that it is almost unbearable. When Flash died a few months ago I was determined not to get another pup as the pain was so hard but after fourteen months I was still missing Flash too much and we decided to have another pup and here we are loving him and putting up with lots of nonsense hoping that Finnegan will turn out to be all that our other dogs have been to us. We already love him so much and we will be patient with him.

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