Dachshunds 2008

Our Latest Collection

My Daughter Donna Adopts a 3 year old Pup "Molson" - 2008


Maureen, Flash, Brooke, Molson, Donna


Molson, Brooke, Donna, Flash and Bob


Bo, Brooke, Donna, Molson, Flash and Bob


Daisy Duke - Northern Ontario, Canada

Daisy Duke - Desbarats, Ontario, Canada


Cody Grant Relaxes with Daisy

Daisy Duke is my Brother Gavin's Family Pet


Daisy Duke Posing in Her Blanket


This next group are from our friends Greg and Sheila Nejame from Connecticut

Missy is a Cute Baby


Ginger Shakes It Out

Missy Poses


Missy - Puppy


Looks Like Missy Likes Watermelon

Ginger Posing


Ginger Goes for a Dive in the Pool


Ginger and Missy

Bob and Maureen's "Flash"

Flash Our Doxie Playing on the Beach Florida - 2008


Flash Likes the Florida Oranges Too


flash After a Dip In The Wallaby Ranch Pool

Flash at the Beach


Flash Trying a Coconut in Florida


Flash is Almost Nine now and Likes to Eat Apples Too - 2008


Check out the Photos of the most wonderful dogs in the World, Our Dachshunds !!!



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