December 25, 2001

These Photos Were Sent in by Doxie Lovers Who Visited my Site

and Thought That They Would Like to See Their Sweet Dachshunds Here.

Send me Your Wiener Dog Photos

Comet - Cupid by Dana and Tony in PA

Sidsel's Sacha 12 yrs & 12 Pounds - Norway


Girl's Night Out From Kay

Kramer & Emma  By Paul Feldman


Missy @ One Year by John & Stacie Gates

Smudge - Spike - Tessa  From Pat in NH


Sidsel's Sacha from Norway

P'nut - Rosie - Daisy by Wendy Sharp - Ohio


Gretchen by Marilyn in PA

Cousin to COMET- CUPID

Piggy - Bridgewater New Jersey


Scott & a Shy Scooter  NYC

Scooter as Shelock Holmes


Jean Horne & Her Three Doxies - Knoxville, Tn.

Opie  By Jean Horne


Pepe Loves Your E-mail By Jean Horne

Shelly Sports Her New Coat by Jean Horne


Flash Flying across the Beach - Oregon

Flash with his big Clothes Peg by Bob Grant


Henry Rodriges Liyst - Please send Correction:

Patience - Please send Correction:


Pebbles - More info please

Blotched Dach - More info please.


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