June 1, 2002

These Photos Were Sent in by Doxie Lovers Who Visited my Site

and Thought That They Would Like to See Their Sweet Dachshunds Here.

Send me Your Wiener Dog Photos

Comet & Cupid From Dana and Tony - Pensylvania


"LADY"   feeding Blitz and Andrea  

Pixie - Max - Lady  by John Spooner - Australia


"LADY" and her Seven Pups - Australia


Hunkins was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, on May 28th 1993 - Photo by Frances Warren


Murphy at Her Beach Home - Waiting For a Call - April 18, 2002- New Jersey by Tom 3


Flash - Spring 2002 - Looking Forward to Summer - by Bob Grant - London, Canada


Murphy from New Jersey Sporting The US Flag

Lucas & Lily - Growing up by Heidi Reid-Healey


Sophie - by Jacqueline Wagener - Nederlands

Tom's Friend Jim Getting a Kiss From Murphy


Buster by Jacy Pierson - Alaska

Gracie by Jacy Pierson - Alaska


Barbel by Jacqueline Wagener - Nederlands

Simone - Jacqueline Wagener - Nederlands


Dachsie Simone Snuggles into Xantha (Scottish Deerhound) by Jacqueline Wagener - Nederlands


Murphy at Her Beach Home - Frame added - New Jersey by Tom 3


"Flash" Stretches Each Morning After Waking or are These Push-ups


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